New members of USB gear up for 2014-15


Photo: Alix Jordan

The 2014-15 USB members are (from left): Morgan Joly, Olivia Davis, Courtney Carpenter, Evan Bartlett. Jacob Maloney, Olivia Ries, Holly Mercs, Ashley Mercs, Eric Turner and Sarah Grossman.

This school year may be coming to a close, but next year’s United Student Body has already begun preparations for next year. The first step was inducting the new members of Fairmont’s governing student group.

The 2014-15 USB officers are Ashley Mercs as President and her twin sister Holly Mercs as Vice President, as well as Evan Bartlett as Treasurer and Olivia Ries as Secretary.

“I’m excited for next year and I think it’ll be a great year,” said Ashley Mercs. “I think we’ll continue to win Spirit Chain and come together as a community.”

This year’s President, Alex Brandt, has faith in Ashley’s skills and leadership to take over his position.

“I feel like Ashley will do well next year,” said Brandt. “It’s a lot of great people and if they come together, they’ll do amazing.”

Corey Miller, the Activities Director who oversees USB, is also ready for next year and all the things that are to come with the new group of students.

“It’s a lot of great people,” said Miller. “We have a lot of strong leaders this year and I’m really excited.”

The USB members for 2014-15 year are:

Ashley Mercs

Holly Mercs

Olivia Ries

Evan Bartlett

Olivia Davis

Eric Turner

Courtney Carpenter

Jacob Maloney

Morgan Joly

Sarah Grossman