The N2 Art Exhibit shows off district’s artistic talent

Senior Keenan Griffin admires artwork at the opening night of the N2 Art Show.

The N2 Art Select Exhibit finished another successful run at the gallery at Fairmont on March 3, 2014. The exhibit featured art made by students from all over Kettering and contained more than 500 works, including sculptures, drawings and paintings.

The art show officially opened on Feb. 11 with an Artists’ Reception that included musicians and dancers.

Lindsay Gustafson, an art teacher at Ketteirng Middle School, devoted her 12th year of service to the N2 art show. “I put 28 pieces in this year from KMS,” said Gustafson. “There’s lots of great art to see, that’s for sure.” The art show had submissions from all of the schools of Kettering, including the elementary schools, middle schools and Fairmont.

Another contributor, Stuart Wheeler, has been an art teacher in Kettering and involved with the N2 art show for 13 years. He worked at Kettering Middle School for 11 years and now works at John F. Kennedy Elementary and J. E. Prass Elementary.

Wheeler says the kids love having work in the show. “It feels great for the kids to tell them that they got a piece in the art show,” he said. “They come and they are excited.”

Fairmont Principal Dan VonHandorf said he enjoys looking at the pieces of the show. “It’s great. I get the benefit of watching them put it up and looking at it every day,” he said. “As far as the office goes, you can’t really beat this view.”

VonHandorf also thinks the art show is a good opportunity for parents to see their children’s accomplishments and for students to be proud of their work. “They have really been liking it,” said VonHandorf. “I talked to a couple elementary parents and kids that my kids go to school with. They were so proud to see their artwork up there.”

VonHandorf admitted he’s not much of an artist himself. “I see third-graders’ artwork that is better than anything I can do. When you see our AP, IB, Art Photo and Digital Design students, it just blows me away to see how good they are.”