Mass marketing makes ‘Duck Dynasty’ annoying … and even creepy


By Lily Condron, Chief Photographer

The A&E reality show Duck Dynasty has gained a ton of popularity since first airing in March 2012, and at first, I was a fan of this show. The Robertson family’s witty views on life and their lovable redneck antics made me want to tune in every single week to see what they were up to. I loved the show’s unique perspective of following the unlikely millionaires who manufacture duck calls while balancing their crazy family.

Now the bearded brothers, led by Duck Commander CEO Willie Robertson, have gone too far. Walk into any Walmart, Meijer or Kmart and you’ll see, it’s all Duck Dynasty all the time, and I’m sick of it.

Frankly, it is getting ridiculous. I see everything from T-shirts to lawn chairs, even stuffed animals in claw machines! It is insane. The Robertson family is exploiting themselves to squeeze out every possible dollar from the show. It makes me sick to see all the pointless things they try to sell with their face on them.

Even worse than the Robertson clan’s desperate attempts to make a quick buck is that people are actually buying it. It literally makes me want to punch someone in the face every time I see an “I love Uncle Si” T-shirt or a weird folder with creepy bearded men staring at me. It’s absolutely crazy to spend money on this garbage. It just needs to stop.

Last week, I was at a prom store and I saw a picture of Willie’s daughter Sadie wearing a prom dress under a sign that said, “Would Willie approve?” What?! I don’t think any girl should want to be thinking of a weird guy with a beard while buying her prom dress.

Duck Dynasty’s merchandizing is getting absolutely outrageous, and they’re spreading themselves to every possible industry, most of which have no relation to duck calls whatsoever. I don’t need to see these grizzly-bearded men everywhere I go.

And, don’t even get me started on Uncle Si. That man is kookier than a jack rabbit, Jack! I don’t understand why anyone would want a picture of this crazy old man on their school folders or notebooks, but that’s what I see in the office supply section at Walmart.

I used to love Duck Dynasty. I was so excited for it to air every Wednesday night. Now, I’m just so fed up with the bearded clan that I can’t even bring myself to watch it. I am personally boycotting the series until these atrocities stop.

Duck Dynasty, please stop the madness, and just stick to selling duck calls.