Big heart but small wallet? Consider shopping at dollar stores


Photo: Sophie Lockhart

Flyer Staff Writer Alix Jordan fell in love with a huge teddy bear while researching good gift buys at area dollar stores.

With Christmas just around the corner, buying gifts for your loved ones can be stressful – especially for teens who aren’t exactly flush with cash. That’s why The Flyer is providing some cool and interesting gift ideas from the so-called “dollar stores” around Kettering that really emphasize the idea: “It’s the thought that counts.” (And you don’t have to reveal what that thought really cost you!)

Gifts for Parents and Grandparents
Buying gifts for your parents and grandparents is one of the most important things about Christmas. While giving them a homemade card or drawing has lost it childish charm, their gifts don’t need to be expensive.

A $1 Pumpkin Spice or Vanilla Bean scented candle from Dollar General is a great gift that can last a long time and add a seasonal scent to the house.
For only a dollar, movies from either Dollar General or the Dollar Store are another great gift. With a wide span of genres to choose from, it’s easy to find something for any movie lover.
For the decor and knick-knack lovers, a lovely red and green “NOEL” stand can go in any house to liven it up for the Christmas season. It’s only $3 at Dollar General.

Gifts for a Christmas Party
White Elephant gifts are one of the best parts of Christmas. Giving your friends or coworkers a goofy, cheap gift can highlight anyone’s sense of humor.

One great idea is an inflatable whoopee cushion that can turn into a long-lasting prank and bring a lot of laughs. This only costs $1 and is available at Dollar General.
Chatter Teeth, which have been showcased in countless movies, also work as a great and pointless gag gift, and they’re only a buck at Dollar General.
The Grow Towel, which is a towel that expands into different shapes when placed in water, is another weird gift that has no purpose but can be fun to play with. It will only set you back a dollar at the Dollar General.

Gifts for the Kids
When it comes to buying gifts for kids, a dollar store may be one of the best places to look. With the odd and fun things you’ll find there, there’s something that will keep any child entertained for hours.

Little girls will love sparkly hair accessories that can be used over and over again in any makeovers or dress-up. These range in price from $1 to $3 and are available at any dollar store.
A Fizzy Fun Safari Egg, an egg that dissolves into a small animal toy when submerged in water, can be a fun experiment for kids and can turn into a toy used for months after. It’s available for just a dollar at Dollar General.
If you’re willing to go a little out there with price, an enormous teddy bear is any kid’s dream toy. This is available from $20 at the Dollar General.
A Bundle Up Hat, which features a different animal on each hat, is both a cute and useful gift that will set you back only 2 bucks at the Dollar General.

Gifts for Friends
Kids and parents won’t be the only ones you’ll be buying for this year. Friends will always be in the picture, and there are plenty of useful and cheap gifts you can get them, even at the last minute.

Teenagers love ear buds, and they’ll be the first to tell you how quickly those things can break or be misplaced. For $2 at the Dollar General, you can buy your friends a cheap pair that can serve as a spare in time of desperation.
Candy is always a great option as well, and at every dollar store you can find a wide range of candies, including some of the odder ones, like the gummy sandwiches or cosmic brownies.
For girls, sets of bobby pins and hair ties will always be a safe way to go, considering how easy it is to lose them. These range from $1 to $3 at any dollar store.
For friends with a favorite show or artist, a poster is great idea with ones that range from Michael Jackson to Duck Dynasty. These posters are available at the Dollar General and cost $5.

With a little help from the dollar stores, you can turn last-minute Christmas shopping into a breeze that can turn any gift exchange either sweet or goofy in a matter of minutes.