Blood on the Dance Floor’s latest encourages people to ‘evolve’


Walking down the halls, you almost always hear someone talking about music – what’s new, which band has the best songs this week, or who has the best CD this month. For my friends, one of the best new CDs is Evolution by our favorite band Blood on the Dance Floor.

In Evolution, Blood on the Dance Floor seems to be sending a different message than usual. This time, instead of focusing on love and sex, the band focuses on love and anti-bullying. Songs such as You are the Heart, Rise and Shine, Unforgiven, The Law of Love, The Right to Love and Mother Earth emphasize these themes.

In the song, You are the Heart, BOTDF talks about how you shouldn’t be another statistic in teen suicide. The beginning of the of song features Dahvie Vanity (one of the two main singers) talking about how every 14.5 minutes a teen in the United States dies of suicide, and that these could have been stopped. The song goes on with Dahvie and Jayy von Monroe (the other main singer) singing to encourage fans. They tell fans that if they give up tonight, they’ll be giving up on the band. This gives the listener the sensation that BOTDF is right there beside the person who wants to give up.

In recent months, von Monroe came out as gay, and the song The Right to Love supports the view that everyone has the right to love who they want, no matter the sexual preference, race or religion. The message is that if you love someone, it shouldn’t matter what others think.

Another song, Rise and Shine, is all about anti-bullying, and the message is even clearer in the music video for this song. It shows how a lot people don’t care about others who are picked on or bullied. Only when that person who is being bullied does something crazy, like standing up and trying to kill everyone, do the people in the video listen. The video also shows that teachers and parents can be clueless when it comes to bullying. Honestly, I think this song is a real eye-opener to bullying and helps explain what we need to do to help prevent this sort of action.

Give Blood on the Dance Floor a listen. They’re a good band that tries to show people what they might not usually notice. You might learn something.