‘Sunflower’ blooms with sweet music but uneven lyrics



If you’re looking for an alternative band to listen to, Never Shout Never is a good one to start with. It’s a one-man band consisting of Christofer Drew Ingle. Never Shout Never’s newest album, Sunflower, was released on July 2, 2013.

Old Timer is definitely a favorite of mine. The song discusses how everyone is equal, no matter how old or young you are. You have to apply yourself to life and try, and you’ll realize that everyone truly is the same in one way: at any moment, everything can be taken away. But at the same time, at any moment, everything can become brighter and better than it was.

Another song on the album that’s pretty amazing is Aeroplane, which shows what love can mean to people. This song explains that even if you’re far away, you can still love someone and make it work. The song lyrics reflect the thoughts of a man on an airplane and how he longs to be with his love.

The lyrics in the majority of the songs on the Sunflower album are calm and easily heard. In songs such as New Sound and Malibu, there are short instrumentals that really catch your attention and make you want to sing along. These instrumentals also give the songs staying power because you’ll find the rhythm repeating in your head long after the song is finished.

Despite the catchy music, however, New Sound isn’t that great. It seems like Ingle didn’t take enough time to create new, fun lyrics. There are also multiple instrumentals that seem as though they are only there to distract you from the fact that he ran out of original lyrics and, he is constantly repeating the same lyrics. I think that another reason he uses instrumentals in his songs are to make them longer since there aren’t very many lyrics to begin with.

Another song I didn’t find that great was Subliminal Messages. The music seems to repeat itself with the same sounds too often. The music also overtakes the song, and you find yourself thinking more about the music than the lyrics. This can be a good thing, except for the fact that most people want to listen to the lyrics and not just the music.

While I’m a country music fan at heart, I’ve discovered that Never Shout Never is actually a good band to listen to when I’m trying to relax. Their music is calm and sweet, and if the lyrics were more consistently good, I’d give this album an even higher rating.

Bottom line: Never Shout Never has really good songs and anybody looking for a “new sound” should give them a listen.