The Flyer offers haunted attraction guide


It’s that time of year again, when the ghosts and ghouls come out to play, the time of haunted houses and thrilling hayrides. Ohio has tons of haunted attractions, but which one should you go to? Which is the most thrilling, terrifying attraction?

The Flyer offers a guide to some of the best “haunts” in the state. Some are close and others may take some planning to get to. We’ll even help you decide which one is right for you, since some people love to be scared and others are more jumpy.

The list is in order from scariest to most mild. (Please use caution. If you have a medical problem that could be triggered by strobe lights, lasers, moving objects and loud noises, please don’t try to attend these haunted attractions!)

1) The Factory of Terror – 4125 Mahoning Road (NE) in Canton (203 miles)

It may be quite a trek to The Factory of Terror, but it’s worth the drive because this attraction is the scariest in Ohio. The show is located in a large abandoned factory, and you won’t just be on the sidelines.

“Be prepared to come in contact with objects, people, air blasts, water effects, smoke and more,” the website warns. “You will experience low light conditions, strobes, lasers, moving walls, black lights, sudden movements, claustrophobic conditions, loud noises, and strange and demented characters.”

After hearing about The Factory of Terror, Fairmont junior Nathan VanHook responded with a tentative “Nooope.” But if this sounds like your idea of a good time, plan for a two-hour wait for your hour-long, self-guided tour through the factory.

For more information on The Factory of Terror, click HERE.

2) The Cave –4392 Swisher Mill Road in Lewisburg (35 miles)

In second place, but far closer to home, The Cave is located in an abandoned mine that lies 80 feet below ground. The Cave’s website says the cave attraction is host to some 30,000 bats (and perhaps as many ghosts and ghouls). The tour is long – a little over a mile – and The Cave was rated the “longest walk-through horror house” in the country in 2010 by the Guinness Book of World Records.

For more information, click HERE.

3) Fear Forest – 45 Tod Ave. in Lordstown (239 miles)

This starts out as a terrifying hayride through 68 haunted acres, and then the real terror begins as you are dropped off at the Insane-A-tarium, where patients experience bazaar treatments (and the FearForest website warns you that some of the experiments go completely wrong). When you escape the institution, you have to make your way along the Psychopath. There is also a Hellevator lobby and a Forbidden Cornfield that you can pay to go to.

For more information on FearForest, click HERE.

4) The Creep – Madison County Fairgrounds in London (53 miles)

The Creep’s website claims this is the most innovative haunted attraction in Ohio. It features three haunted houses: Madhouse, FR3AK’D and The Residence. These haunted houses have the best high-tech effects around to help terrify anyone who dares to enter. This newer haunted attraction is near Columbus, and it includes big-screen horror movies, fire performers, food, gift shops and more.

For more information on The Creep, click HERE.

5) Undead Armageddon Haunted Forest – Burton (240 miles)

Love zombies? This attraction promises that you’ll “be immersed into the apocalyptic nightmare where the dead have risen.” You and other survivors can have a wonderful time of horror and terror in which you experience a zombie quarantine, infested campgrounds, urban sprawls and all that terrifying fun.

For more information on Undead Armageddon, click HERE.

6) Halloween Haunt at Kings Island (35 miles)

The Halloween Haunt is probably a mild haunted attraction, but with the haunted houses, ghosts, ghouls and monsters that chase you around the park, it can be a lot of fun. Fairmont sophomore Lauryn Carter said Halloween Haunt is her favorite attraction. “I like to go with friends,” she said.

Because it’s at nearby Kings Island, many Fairmont teens have visited Halloween Haunt. “For some people, it’s kind of scary because there’re people with chainsaws,” said sophomore Chelsea Cummings. “Normally, there are a few haunted trails. I guess it’s pretty scary for some, but not for me.”

For more information on Kings Island Halloween Haunt, click HERE.

7) Nightmare on Valley Street – 5117 Valley Pike in Dayton (14 miles)

Nightmare on Valley Street promises to play with visitors’ senses and emotions, and sophomore Alix Jordan can confirm this. “I would have peed myself if I went alone,” she said.

The Nightmare on Valley Street offers pretty sweet haunted attractions with more than one type of scare. “They have sections specialized for one fear, like a corpse section and clown sections,” Jordan said.

For more information, click HERE.

Scary movie more your speed?

It’s All Hallows’ Eve again, a time of horror and terror – and maybe a good time to spend at the movie theater away from all the ghosts and ghouls that are running around outside. Consider these scary movies in theaters now.

Insidious: Chapter 2If you’ve seen Insidious 1, then you certainly know the paranormal terror that will be inside this haunting movie. This movie has pretty good rating and is showing around the Kettering area almost all throughout October. For more information, click HERE.

The Conjuring Based on a true story, famous ghost hunters Lorraine and Ed Warren assist a family haunted by a paranormal activity in an abandoned barnyard. This movie has a better rating that Insidious: Chapter 2, and is still showing in the Kettering area. For more information, click HERE.

CarrieShe’s back! The film is based on the wonderful story of Carrie, a novel by horror author Stephen King. This is a story of the girl with a very special power, when she focuses hard enough she can move things. But things get awful when her religious mother finds out about her daughter’s ability. Carrie is then bullied by her fellow classmates during prom. What will she do? Well, go see the movie and find out! For more information, click HERE.