Fairmont defeats the Elks (again) in Spirit Chain competition


Photo: Lily Condron

The Spirit Chain totals were revealed before the Fairmont-Centerville football game on Oct. 4, 2013. In the inset, Fairmont students and staff celebrate another victory over the Elks.

Kettering Fairmont High School was victorious in the Spirit Chain competition for the sixth time in seven years. The results were revealed at the football game between the two schools on Friday, Oct. 4, 2013, at the Centerville stadium. Fairmont raised $88,015.84, beating Centerville’s total of $50,000.

Spirit Chain is an annual fundraiser for charity. Each school selects deserving organizations and devotes countless hours to raising as much money as it can. Fairmont’s charities for the 2013-14 school year are the Kettering Backpack Program, United Rehabilitation Services and Crayons for Classrooms. Centerville’s $50,000 will be going to Shoes for the Shoeless, a charity that Kettering sponsored last year.

Regardless of Kettering’s victory, all four charities will be receiving the donated funds, which is the purpose of Spirit Chain.