Fairmont Firebirds add new friendly faces


Photo: Lily Condron

New English teacher Lacy Romine takes attendance on her first day teaching at Fairmont.

Every year, hundreds of people walk through the doors of Fairmont High School for the first time. However, students aren’t the only new faces at Fairmont. Each year, staff members retire or leave, new people are hired, and some staff take on new challenges in different positions.

new staff graphic copyPerhaps one of the biggest changes this year at Fairmont High School was Jenny Borchers becoming the new West Unit principal, replacing Mike Nienaber, who retired.

“I’m really excited about my new position,” said Borchers, who has a history of taking on challenging leadership positions at Fairmont. Borchers was an intervention specialist and the Student Activities coordinator before her promotion. “I plan to be very consistent. I want West Unit students to be successful. I have high expectations for them.”

Borchers feels many staff members at Fairmont have helped her get where she is today.  “Mr. VonHandorf was always incredibly supportive and always giving me leadership opportunities. The unit principals helped to show me the ropes and different leadership strategies,” she said.

Several staff members are entirely new to Kettering Fairmont this year. One of those is Meghan Dillon, the new Art I and Crafts teacher and Art Club adviser. Dillon taught art in museums for five years, then at Indian Riffle for four years before coming to Fairmont. “I am so excited to work with Fairmont students this year,” she said. “There is a lot to experiment with and show off their unique artistic skill sets.”

In addition to teaching art, Dillon also has her own studio, where she continues to practice her own artistic passions. “I think it is important for my students to continue to do what they love and continue their craft outside of school,” she said.

Another teacher, Lacy Romine, may be a new staff member in the English Department, but she isn’t new to Fairmont. A 2006 Fairmont graduate, Romine is teaching freshman Introduction to Literature and Composition and senior Literature Appreciation and is coaching the Girls’ Varsity Basketball team. “I always hoped to come back to teach at Fairmont. It is an incredibly special place for me,” she said.

Romine graduated in 2010 from the Ashland University, and she coached basketball at the University of Findlay in Ohio, Northwood University in Michigan and Valparaiso High School in Indiana. She is back in Ohio now and proud to be a part of the Firebird family again. “I hope my students see my passion for the school,” said Romine. “I want all of my students to be successful.”

Fairmont Principal Dan VonHandorf said many candidates apply for the limited openings at Fairmont. “Finding the best teachers is incredibly important to Fairmont High School,” he said. “After the safety and well-being of our students, our next top priority is hiring devoted staff members who will make Fairmont High School a great place to go.”