Teachers should carry pens, not pistols


As someone who grew up in a family where guns were always around, I still believe there is a fine line between bringing guns into a situation and deciding weapons are not the answer. My dad was a part of the Air Force for the first four years of my life and my grandpa was a part of the Dayton Fire Department for several years as well.

Both of these men taught me it’s OK to bring a gun into the family for the right and safe purposes. But lately, I feel, our country is bringing more guns into a situation that actually needs the opposite.

As a result of the recent shootings in the United States, such as the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting in Connecticut and the shooting at Taft Union High School in California, some districts in our country have decided to make a change that will impact all sorts of individuals – arming our teachers.

Over the years, we’ve made some hefty changes in our society, from legalizing marijuana in certain states, to allowing gay marriage in others, introducing new immigration laws and granting several immigrants amnesty.

But when it comes to putting a gun in the hands of our teachers, I think school boards all around the country have got it all wrong. Teachers become teachers in order to educate adolescents and help brighten their future. When someone tells them that it would be helpful if they’d carry a gun at school, that just piles on one more responsibility for teachers and makes students more uncomfortable.

Just recently in Delaware, Ohio, a program called the Armed Teacher Training Program was launched and several teachers all over the state have already volunteered. It offers teachers who wish to carry a concealed weapon at school free training.

Not only are teachers attending regular meetings about new curriculum changes and how to prepare their students for state tests, but some are even choosing to learn about the responsibility of having a gun in the classroom. I personally just think that is outrageous. I mean, I know some teachers want to protect their students, but I feel letting them choose the task of having a gun in the classroom puts them in even more danger when a shooter enters the school building.

This also brings up the problem of students who are mentally unstable and are aware that there is a gun in their classroom, or students who are generally uncomfortable with guns.

I personally feel that with the state our country is in and the number of shootings that have occurred, the sanest thing to do would be to provide an armed police officer in every school in the United States. Those are the individuals who signed up to specifically protect the safety of citizens and risk their lives every day.

Teachers in the United States do a great job of bringing out the perseverance in students when it comes to education and already help kids make good decisions about their future. I’m just afraid that handing a teacher a gun might corrupt this important and delicate relationship.