Bond and ‘M’ must prove their relevance in ‘Skyfall’

Bond and M must prove their relevance in Skyfall

In Skyfall, the latest installment of the 007 saga, James Bond (Daniel Craig) is quickly reminded that in order to be a secret agent, one must be not only ageless, but timeless as well.

Gareth Mallory (Ralph Fiennes), the new chairman of MI6, is greatly upset at a very important operation that turns bad. Bond was involved in the botched operation, which resulted in the names and identities of their undercover agents being revealed.

Being the new guy, Mallory immediately blames ‘M’ (Judi Dench) and tells her that her time has passed, much like Bond’s. Mallory wants to shake up the agency, get rid of the “antiques” and bring in new, younger agents to find out who really is the cause of all this disturbance.

Being the great hero that he is, Bond has a different plan for finding the crook, and the film unfolds from there. Over the course of the story, ‘M’ is definitely pushed to her limits when her past comes back to test what she has taught.

All signs of this horrible feat lead to none other than cyber extraordinaire Silva (Javier Bardem). Bardem does a great job playing a man with a sick and twisted brain; I can see where people want to believe every word he says.

It’s safe to say that Silva is MI6 and Bond’s greatest challenge, because it seems like whenever Bond has caught onto what Silva is doing, Silva is still one step ahead of him. Could it be that Silva is the – dare I say – mirror image of Bond?

Bond is definitely worn and torn in Skyfall, but that doesn’t seem to stop him. ‘M’ has great faith in her old friend and knows he is just the guy to get this job done.

This movie is much like a cat and mouse game, and naturally only one will come out on top in the end. I’ll leave it to your imagination who that is.