Fairmont actors offer comedic ‘Father of the Bride’

Fairmont actors offer comedic Father of the Bride

The cast of “Father of the Bride” is ready to make the audience laugh.

You might think Darren McGarvey was driven by the iconic theater masks when selecting the plays to stage at Fairmont this year. The sad mask certainly was fitting for last fall’s play, Ordinary People, which told the story of a family dealing with the death of a beloved son and brother.

But with the gloom of winter firmly settled over Ohio, McGarvey and his cast of students are putting on the happy mask of comedy for the winter play. Father of the Bride will be presented Jan. 31 and Feb. 1-2, 2013, in the Fairmont Auditorium.

Father of the Bride, written by Caroline Francke, is about the father of bride Kay Banks, as he learns that his daughter is to be married to Buckley Dunstan. The play follows Mr. Banks as he comes to accept the fact that his daughter is to be wed.

“We’re going to throw back to 1950, so look forward to a ’50s style,” said McGarvey, who teaches English and theater.

This is an interesting time for the cast, as a lot of new actors are debuting and a lot of senior members are preparing to leave. “This is a chance to work with the new members,” said McGarvey. “And it’s time for the older folks to have their final days on stage — not that I’m looking forward to that.”

Senior Caroline Grogan plays the bride-to-be. Grogan is excited for Father of the Bride, saying that it has a really fun script. “It’s a cute and happy play, not sad and depressing, like Ordinary People,” she said. In the play, Grogan’s character keeps adding more and more into her wedding, causing turmoil and comedy in the Banks house.

Mr. Banks is being played by junior Alex Brandt. “Father of the Bride is fantastic,” said Brandt. “It’s an original play. It’s not sad like the other plays, it’s a comedy; it’ll make you laugh.”

Other students with roles in the play are seniors Devon Whalen, Woody Hieb, Ashley York, Kaitlin Allard, Indigo MonBeck and Patrick Condron; juniors Logan Schade, Davin Tackett, Kevin Manley, Ross Partin, Veronica Denker and Zack Altimimi; sophomore Tim Brooks; and freshmen Adam Duffy, Maddi Schroll and Taylor Shehata. The student directors of the play are senior A.J. Breslin and sophomore Mercedez Patton.

Father of the Bride will be presented at 7:30 p.m. on Friday through Saturday, Jan. 31 – Feb. 2. Tickets will be $5 for students and seniors and $8 for adults.

McGarvey is excited for the play. “It’s like a changing of the guards,” said McGarvey. “Some of the strong leads are leaving, but we’re getting new ones in the new members.”