Fitzpatrick’s ‘silence’ leaves readers speechless

Fitzpatricks silence leaves readers speechless

Start with Nora Grey, an average teenager who wishes for a normal life. Add in a fallen angel named Jev, a race of superhuman half-angels who want to overthrow Heaven, and the Black Hand who controls an army of them. Mix well. Sprinkle in family issues, Nora’s mom’s new boyfriend Hank, and a snobbish cheer captain. Bake with a rollercoaster plotline, sizzling romance, and some street fighting for some extra pizzazz.

The result? Becca Fitzpatrick’s third book in the ‘hush, hush’ saga, ‘silence.’

Nora Grey’s life used to be normal. She had loving parents and lived in a farmhouse on the edge ofColdwater,Maine. Then Patch swaggered into her life, a dark mystery waiting to be solved. When she falls in love him, he shows her the double life he leads: normal teenage student by day, fallen angel by night. Kind of corny? Maybe. But the plot gets even more twisted.

‘crescendo,’ Fitzpatrick’s second book, ended when both Patch and Nora are captured by the Nephilim army, offspring of fallen angels and humans. The cliffhanger was so intense, it had me practically bouncing off walls waiting for the next book to come out. When it did, the beginning confused me a little bit: Nora wakes up all alone in the middle ofColdwaterCemetery, with no recollection of the past five months. Confused, scared, and isolated, she returns home to find that she’s been missing, thought kidnapped. Her life isn’t made any better by Marcie, the cheerleading captain, who is putting her up forHomecoming Court as a sort of “charity project.”

Nora finally decides that enough is enough, and she sets out to find the one person who knows who she really is: a stranger named Jev. He tells her, through his memories, what she’s been through in the last five months. He promises to protect her, and both dedicate themselves to finding the Black Hand, the man who ruined Nora’s life and is currently the leader of a Nephilim army that wants to destroy the angels and take over Heaven. The Black Hand is their biggest problem, Jev knows, and for Nora to be safe, he must die.

I really enjoyed ‘silence.’ The story between Nora and Patch is so typical of teenagers, and at the same time so out-of-this world, considering that Patch is a fallen angel. It’s so sweet to see (or read, I guess) how much he wants to protect her, and how much they’ve fallen in love since ‘hush, hush.’ I also like Nora’s character; she’s an average, stubborn teenager with family issues, but she also must deal with the supernatural world that Patch has thrown her into. In the first book, Nora was weak, hysterical, and she didn’t exactly understand what was going on. Now, in ‘silence,’ she’s a stronger woman, someone who can deal with the Black Hand and save Heaven.

All in all, this book was amazing. I would, however, recommend that only kids 12 and over read this book, since there’s a lot of teenage romance and violence. For those who enjoy sci-fi, this book is also not for you. ‘silence’ is strictly a book for those who enjoy mystery, fantasy, romance and a good dose of the supernatural.