‘Red’ shows Swift is still relatable, but more mature

Red shows Swift is still relatable, but more mature

Walking through the hallways of Fairmont High School, one can always expect to hear a conversation or two about new music being released by a favorite band or artist. Whether this is released on iTunes or a CD, new songs from one’s favorite are all the rage in high school hallways. This month’s rage just so happens to be Taylor Swift’s new CD, Red, which was released Oct. 22, 2012.

Though the most infamous question involving Swift is whether or not she’ll ever produce a song that isn’t about her most recent relationship or breakup, I find all of her songs catchy and fun to listen to. Even though some people may find Swift annoying with her songs all being about the same subject, I believe she writes and sings music that is relatable to everyone in some way or another. Because of this, she is one of my favorites.

On Red, Swift sounds more confident than ever, having her songs burn through your ears with original American pop music. In all of her new songs, it’s as if Swift knows exactly what to say in order to draw her fans in even more, causing them to think to themselves, “This is so relatable! Taylor gets it!” Each song portrays Swift’s own accounts in life, but this album is known as Swift’s transition album, sounding even more mature with each lyric.

In my opinion, Red is a raging success for Swift, and I can’t wait to see what she has in store for all of her fans next.