‘Just Dance 4’ helps even the clumsiest have fun while dancing

Just Dance 4 helps even the clumsiest have fun while dancing

I can’t dance.  I have no sense of rhythm and the extent of my dance moves is limited to the ChaCha Slide.  The point is, I’m extremely uncoordinated; this may be the reason why I avoid school dances altogether.

Thankfully, there is a way for us insecure, left-footed, clumsy dancers to have fun; popping in Just Dance 4 boosts my confidence in an entertaining way.

The game is available for Wii, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 Kinect and was released in early October of 2012. For poor dancers like me, Ubisoft (the creators of the game) make it extremely fun and simple. Players simply have to follow the characters on screen as if they were their own reflection. The game scores you on every dance move based on your timing and accuracy and tallies your total score at the end of the dance.  The game includes “Battle Mode” to compete against others and a “Just Sweat Mode” with a calorie counter for those who want a strenuous workout.

And as for the songs? Just Dance 4 includes a large variety of songs with more than 40 tracks, including Call Me Maybe, Moves Like Jagger, Time Warp, On the Floor, So What, Super Bass, and much more. And if those songs aren’t enough, you can purchase songs — such as the worldwide phenomena Gangnam Style — in the store.

The No. 1 thing I pride Just Dance 4 on accomplishing lies in the dance moves that get the players of the game to interact with each other.  Everything from clapping hands with the other players to twirling each other around, and even making a conga line aid in making this game even more entertaining. Trust me, this game is certainly not as fun when played alone.

So next time you’re in need of some laughs with friends, I would certainly recommend picking up a copy of Just Dance 4.  But as of now, I’ll keep perfecting my dance moves.  Bet you can’t beat my high score.