David Gray astonishes with ‘White Ladder’

David Gray astonishes with White Ladder

David Gray is one of my absolute favorite musicians. However, I only discovered him a few months ago when I saw him live for the first time. Gray is a British musician who isn’t in the United States all that often, so when my dad saw that he had a tour date in Kettering, he was one of the first to pick up tickets. On July 3, 2012, I fell in love with Gray’s acoustic style of music. After his performance that night, I had to go home and listen to one of the most raved-about albums of his that I could find, White Ladder.

When I first listened to White Ladder, I had goosebumps. Regardless of how cliché that may sound, it was true. Two of the songs, Please Forgive Me and Babylon, really caught my attention. The way his voice sounded and the music that accompanied both of these songs just melted my heart.

Please Forgive Me was easily my favorite song on this entire album. There was beautiful orchestral music and Gray played the piano in addition, so it sounded pleasing to the ear. But I think my favorite part was the way his voice strained a little, especially due to the song being about a man straining for forgiveness for being so crazy about a girl. I really connected to this song; Gray did a good job of enticing me and making me feel like I was actually the one feeling everything that he was.

Babylon was my second favorite, mostly because it was the song that really stuck out to me when I saw Gray live. It was the one that was stuck in my head for two days after the concert, even though at that point I only knew the refrain. After listening to the song a million times over, I felt that I connected with it because of Gray’s lyrics. He transitions from self-pity about what seemed to be a breakup, to standing in front of the girl who left, telling her that he never doubted his love and that she should let go of what her head was saying and feel his love. It impacted me simply because the way he described his emotions just really struck me deep.

Essentially, this album is one of the best I have ever heard, and I would recommend it to anyone who was looking for some really amazing, feel-good music.