Beer and Coffee is a refreshing feast for the ears

Beer and Coffee is a refreshing feast for the ears

It’s rare to find music that brings out all kinds of emotions on top of being simply enjoyable. Even rarer is to find this music from an artist that a fan could actually talk with and hold a decent conversation with. In finding Matthew Ebel’s Beer and Coffee, I found this music.

Often, the mood of an album is something that will lead to a major disappointment, especially if it changes often, as it does in B&C. However, from the sillier songs like Trees to the heartfelt Tennessee Never Cried, I can guarantee that anyone with a heart will laugh, cry and believe in the music contained on this album. The musical diversity is exceptional for creating a mood for any listener at any time.

B&C isn’t particularly long – only about an hour of music, but each and every song has its own powerful message combined with exceptional instrumentation. My favorite song on the album is I Know You’re There, which hits like a freight train partway through – thanks to a sudden burst of only vocal music – and will give chills to anyone with ears in only the best way. Ebel’s fan favorite Latté Days and Porter Nights is 10 minutes of extravagant music that blends well with any of Ebel’s other slow songs – something he often does during his concerts. Fans often will request the song to end a concert, and Ebel says that sometimes it “just isn’t a concert without playing this song.”

Ebel is a wonderful indie artist. He sometimes has direct contact with his fans through his streamed concerts every Wednesday, or through his Twitter account. Ebel offers new fans five free songs for subscribing to his mailing list at – and let me tell you, if you sign up and get these free songs, I guarantee you’ll be hooked on Ebel’s music in a matter of minutes. If you want to be able to enjoy your artist as well as the music on the album, you should most definitely look into Ebel’s music.

Final Card:

Discounting the relatively short playtime, Ebel’s Beer and Coffee is almost a perfect album for any time of the day or any mood of the mind. If you want to hear at least one song from this album before you buy, sign up for Ebel’s mailing list at and you’ll get Drive Away, a single that helped Ebel gain fame as an indie artist, in the five-song package. You can also listen to his songs on that same website, at Quite simply, this album is a grand slam.