‘The Dark Knight Rises’ lives up to the hype

The Dark Knight Rises lives up to the hype

Batman: A comic book legend, billionaire and center of The Dark Knight Trilogy by Christopher Nolan (Inception, Memento, The Prestige), this highly regarded superhero took his final flight on July 20, 2012, the opening night of Nolan’s last film in the trilogy.

The Dark Knight Rises was received extremely well by its audience, including me. I can tell you with complete confidence that it was the best film of the summer and an excellent twist in the Trilogy’s plot.

Rises introduces to us two new characters: Bane, the main antagonist, and Selena Kyle. You might know her better by her comic book name, Catwoman. But the film also brings us the usual array of characters, with Christian Bale once again playing Batman and Gary Oldman as Lieutenant Gordon. Bale delivered a thrilling performance as usual and brought out Batman’s inner character excellently.

But the most engaging performance for me was Tom Hardy as the cruel and calculated Bane. Hardy showed off his acting chops extremely well as this troubled character, and kept me on the edge of my seat wondering what he would do next. Anne Hathaway also surprised me as Catwoman, showing me should could play a variety of roles very well.

Overall, the film’s cinematography, acting and plotline were superb, and the movie was definitely worth my $12. It concluded the trilogy brilliantly, and I’m a little sad to say it’s over.