Spirit Chain win is just the start, say USB’s Grogan and Hindi

Spirit Chain win is just the start, say USBs Grogan and Hindi

USB President Caroline Grogan and Vice President Saleh Hindi have great expectations for Fairmont High School for the 2012-2013 school year.

The jobs of USB president and vice president take a special kind of enthusiasm and dedication. This taxing duty takes up the time, energy and effort of the students committed to be leaders at Fairmont High School. Caroline Grogan and Saleh Hindi have stepped up to that task, taking on the jobs of USB president and vice president respectively for the 2012-13 year.

Grogan has had her eyes on the USB presidency since she started at Fairmont. “I remember as a freshman I got to stand on the field for the spirit game and the unrolling of the chain. Watching [then-USB President] Emily Miller, I was in awe and knew that I wanted to be a leader and run,” said Grogan.

The USB is a group of seniors who are elected to preside over the class councils of the four grades at Fairmont.

Grogan runs the USB meetings and shares responsibilities with Hindi. She is also expected to be at every USB and class council event — leading, helping or just making an appearance. She has her own style of leadership.

“I try to delegate jobs, responsibilities and power because it is better to have a lot of good leaders than one person who tells everyone what to do,” she said.

Grogan is optimistic about this school year, and the Spirit Chain success in September was a great way to start.

Led by the USB, Fairmont collected of $92,676.66 for the Honor Flight, Shoes for the Shoeless, and the Kettering Backpack program charities. “I am immensely proud of all of Fairmont’s amazing work,” said Grogan. “Class Council and the Kettering community really outdid themselves this year. I couldn’t have asked for more.”

Grogan, however, says she’s just getting started. “I want to contribute to Winter Spirit Week and make it a bigger. I also want to have a bigger green incentive at Fairmont and change recycling policies,” she said. “I’m looking forward to Seniors Helping Seniors and just being a part of it. I feel like in the past on Class Council, I just attended events and fundraisers, but this year I look forward to helping plan and lead these events!”

More than two months into his term as USB vice president, Hindi also has developed his own style of leadership.

“My philosophy is to sit back and listen to any ideas that come up, because the best ideas sometimes come from the most unexpected people,” said Hindi. As vice president, Hindi is responsible for attending two to three meetings per week, as well as appearing at many Class Council events.

Hindi is also partly responsible for leading USB. “I kind of make sure that everything runs smoothly,” he said. “Each person on USB doesn’t necessarily have a concrete role; everyone helps each other.”

Such responsibilities, which demand much of his time, weren’t taken on lightly. “I decided to run because I wanted to be in a position of responsibility where I could help the school and the community. And I wanted to support my good friend Caroline.”

The role of vice president is less public than that of class president, according to Hindi. “Caroline runs the USB meetings and has a visible leadership role. Everyone else leads in a more subtle way. Overall, everyone contributes to USB and this class councils and the school.”

Emma Mote, USB commissioner of spirit, thinks that Grogan and Hindi were the right choice for president and vice president. “The student body chose well. Caroline and Saleh do a great job at keeping everything organized and everyone on the same page,” said Mote. “Caroline has great perseverance and she is really enthusiastic. If she has something to do, she gets it done well and on time. Saleh is very personable and always very energetic.”

Jenny Borchers is the activities director at Fairmont, and she also runs the class councils and USB. “I think as a whole, our USB/Class Council program is soaring in the right direction,” said Borchers. “Students of all ages are beginning to see how to be leaders in a variety of situations and taking initiative. The USB does a great job facilitating all this and encouraging class council students.”

Borchers noted Grogan and Hindi’s enthusiasm and contributions.

“Caroline is the first person to volunteer to speak,” Borchers said. “She is able to look at a situation and evaluate how she and other USB members should get involved, participate or intervene. Saleh is a reflective leader. Saleh is great at looking at a situation, thinking about all parties are feeling and determining what should be done next.”

Both students love what they do at Fairmont, and Grogan has no regrets about taking on the responsibilities. “Being class president is an amazing experience, and I have learned so much and have become a better leader because of it. I would recommend to always strive to your full potential, because the payoff is worth the work.”