Common hangouts serve as entertainment for teens

Common hangouts serve as entertainment for teens

The Greene shopping center has been a favorite destination for Fairmont teens since it was built.

As children grow into pre-teens, and pre-teens mature into teenagers, social lives begin to develop rapidly, and hanging out with friends becomes a necessity. Many Fairmont High School teenagers can be found at sporting events, The Greene, or just hanging out with friends, alternating between houses.

The Greene, an outdoor mall located just across the Kettering border in Beavercreek is one of the most popular places for teenagers to hang out with one another. The Greene features many different stores, shops, restaurants and cafes, and it hosts concerts and bands during the summer, which draws teens in.

“I like to hang out at The Greene. My friends and I are always at Panera Bread or Caribou Coffee,” said Fairmont senior Madi Feltner. “We like to hang out at these places because we get to spend time with each other as well as get homework done in a casual environment.”

In addition to the many events and stores, The Greene’s sidewalks offer another popular attraction: lots of people. “My friends and I like to go to The Greene to people watch,” said senior Audrey Gatlin. “It’s a lot of fun.”

Hanging out closer to home

Another place Fairmont’s teens enjoy hanging out is even closer to home … because it is home, either their own or a friend’s.

“My sisters, my friends and I enjoy hanging out at my house, usually in the basement,” said sophomore Brooke Fornes. “Our basement is huge, and it’s connected to our backyard, so it’s easy to just walk out and have a bonfire. We also host a lot of parties there.”

Many students also are drawn back to the high school to meet up with friends at various Fairmont athletic events. “I enjoy going toFairmont’s sporting events in my free time because it is an easy way to hang out with friends in a positive environment,” said senior Max Ducharme.

Fornes agrees with Ducharme about attending Fairmont’s athletic events. “You can always find me at the football games cheering on the team and socializing with friends,” she said.

Unfortunately, some teens discover that as they get older and their responsibilities grow, they struggle to find time to hang out with friends. Senior Taylor Hudson is one who finds her free time dwindling. “I’m actively involved in DECA and constantly doing homework,” she said. “And with my job outside of school, it becomes really difficult to find the time to hang out with friends.”

Finding new experiences      

The Flyer decided to scope out some alternatives for students who might be looking for new places and activities to experience with friends. Consider the following, and click to follow the links for more information.

Riverscape Metro Park Ice Rink

Land of Illusion

Kings Island Halloween Haunt 

Young’s Dairy 

Pumpkin Patches, hay rides and corn mazes

The putting up of the Christmas tree at The Greene 

The putting up of the Christmas tree in downtown Dayton

Events at the YMCA


UD basketball games