Incoming FHS freshmen express excitement, worries

Incoming FHS freshmen express excitement, worries

Incoming Fairmont freshmen enjoy learning about Fairmont at Fairmont 101.

Another year in high school means another group of freshmen: students who go from being at the top in 8th grade to being back down at the bottom in 9th grade. During this transfer, students make a lot of changes that include getting up earlier, having longer classes, meeting new people and even having more options on the lunch menu.

Change can be good & bad

Moving up to a high school environment is quite a big change. In middle school, there are the restrictions on carrying backpacks from class to class, chewing gum, and wearing attire that represents more individuality.

In high school, things are done a little differently, and freshman Kourtney Young feels this is one of the main reasons why she has enjoyed Fairmont so far. “I like how Fairmont allows us to be more independent and to use our phones,” said Young. “At Fairmont, we’re allowed to carry our backpacks around and we don’t have to use our lockers. In middle school, we didn’t have a choice.”

Of course, not everything about starting high school is peachy. The first week of school can be hard on the incoming freshmen, and it’s normal for the young students to forget their schedule, their locker combination or be late to some of their classes.

Freshman Joe Schlangen admits he experienced some of these typical freshman moments. “During my first couple of days at Fairmont, I got lost … a lot,” he said. “But I think I’ve got the hang of things now.”

While many of the freshmen came from Kettering Middle School or Van Buren Middle School, some students came from a private school or even homeschooling. Schlangen, who attended a private school, feels his transfer to Fairmont has worked out so far. “I like how the people here are really nice,” he said. “I came from St. Albert’s, which was very small, so it’s nice to come to a school as big as Fairmont and find it so inviting.”

Students who were homeschooled can find the adjustment to Fairmont even bigger. Freshman Thomas Cairo knows exactly what this is like. “Being at Fairmont is definitely different,” he said. “But, I’m definitely looking forward to meeting new faces. I also like how Fairmont has something new to share with everyone every day.”

Freshman frights

Moving on from middle school to high school can be exciting, but it’s perfectly normal to have some freshman fears. Cairo admits that he had some initial worries. “I definitely was intimidated at first, and I’m still a little freaked out about trying to pass all of my classes,” he said. “But I know coming to Fairmont was a good decision.”

Of course, almost all students worry about fitting in, keeping up with all seven classes and preparing for college. But, sometimes it’s the thought of growing up and being around peers every day that makes high school difficult. Freshman Ariana Ramirez feels this will possibly be a challenge for her. “I’m afraid of peer pressures and other students trying to use bad influencing in persuading me to do things,” she said.

A new beginning

Aside from all of the chaos and new routines of high school, the freshmen will eventually adapt and become regular Fairmont students who have several opportunities ahead of them. Young is excited to try new things and be a part of Fairmont’s activities. “I love photography and I’m really excited to try out the school’s photography classes,” she said. “I’m also really looking forward to attending all of the football games.”

Another thrilling part about starting high school is being able to focus on oneself and work on one’s personal goals. Cairo is excited at his prospects to participate in sports at the high school. “I love sports and I can’t wait to see what I can do at Fairmont,” Cairo said. “I’m already on the football team, and I hope to make the baseball team in the spring as well.”

Ramirez also plans to work on her own personal aspects the next four years. “The reason why I’m looking forward to high school the most is because I plan on becoming a better person than I already am today,” she said.