To eat out, or to dine at home … that’s often the question

To eat out, or to dine at home ... thats often the question

Families must decide whether to cook a meal at home or go out.

You come home and the first thing you hear is your family arguing about what to eat for dinner. One person wants to eat out while another wants to eat in. And then the decision comes down to you; which do you decide?

Without a doubt, the decision to eat out or eat in has become a contentious topic within some families. Many Fairmont students enjoy taking the trip to a restaurant, while others feel that eating in is better than eating out.

Fairmont sophomore Danielle Shade subscribes to the latter school of thought. “I like the comfort of eating in my own house instead of going to a restaurant,” she said. “And it’s usually cheaper, too.”

Sophomore Maddie Seubert agrees with Shade. “My family would love to go out to eat, but money is tight right now so we have to limit our spending,” she said. “Plus, I like the comfort of eating in my own house; I can eat as much as I want without feeling like people are staring at me.”

For some, though, it’s not as much a matter of cost as it is the reason for eating out. Many believe eating out should be reserved only for special occasions. “It all depends; a home-cooked meal is always good,” said sophomore Logan Shade. “But every once in a while, it’s also nice to get out of the house and go out to eat.”

Besides the comfort of eating in, nutrition and other factors play into the decision to eat at an eatery or at home. In a restaurant, a person typically can’t choose what ingredients are used in preparing the meal. Additionally, people often tend to overeat because of the large portion size they receive.

“I feel that eating at home is healthier; you can look at the nutrition facts and know what you’re actually eating,” said Seubert. “When we eat at home, we eat healthy. It’s balanced with fruits and vegetables, unlike when you go out to eat.”

Although eating in may be healthier, when students become busy with school, work, sports, and other extra-curricular activities, going out for dinner often becomes the easier option.

“For me it’s about fifty-fifty. I like eating at home, but when I get busy with school or my family, I don’t feel like cooking; eating out is more convenient,” said Shade.

Additionally, the options for eating tend to be more numerous at a restaurant than within the house. “I prefer to go out to eat,” said freshman Mary Shampton. “Not only is there a variety of foods to choose from, but it’s also nice to just get out of the house for a while and spend some time with my family.”

Freshman Sam Ellis agrees. “I think it’s fun to experience new restaurants; plus, you can still have the same family time you’d normally have eating at home.”

Even as hungry students weigh cost, convenience and nutrition, some students feel it is possible to eat healthily when dining out. “My personal favorite is Chipotle; it’s quick, filling, and it has healthy choices,” said Ellis. “I leave feeling full, but not like I overate.”