Spring spurs head-to-toe changes for fashionable guys

Spring spurs head-to-toe changes for fashionable guys

With summer just around the corner, students are shaping their wardrobes to fit personal style, as well as what the professionals say about men’s spring fashion.

In the world of fashion, styles and trends constantly change. With every season, design companies alter their clothing lineups to fit the latest fashion, as well as to accommodate the weather of that particular time of year. However, with the consistent transformations of fashion, it’s hard to know what is considered “in” or “out” these days.

Legendary fashion designer Stefano Gabbana believes in keeping things simple. “The best style advice came from my parents: Be honest. Just be yourself,” Gabbana said in a recent Gentlemen’s Quarterly (GQ) magazine. With the transition from winter to spring and summer, how will Fairmont students adapt their own style to correlate with nature’s new outfit?

GQ  is buzzing with the latest in men’s fashion, and last night’s bellman says skinny, striped ties are in and pleated pants are out. Indeed, GQ offers a multitude of suggestions to redesign one’s wardrobe this season.

Starting from the bottom up, it can be expected that guys this season will be sporting suede leather shoes and jazzing things up with colorful boating shoes.

Too often, the pants get neglected in the young man’s fashion world. GQ is encouraging its readers to give themselves “a kick in the pants” and try to sport a variety of colors instead of the standard dark-wash denim. Some options, especially for this time of year, include white pants, pale-yellow khakis, pastel-colored shorts, or even … red pants? That’s right, red pants. No need to freak out – having color downtown only gives the right combo for wearing a plain solid tee up top.

Now for the upper half of the body. Many top-brand designers have presented popular trends like spring-themed parkas, micro-check button-up shirts and patterned sports coats. The overall theme in fashion during the spring time is to be more adventurous with your wardrobe and utilize the change in nature as way to transform part of your own life.

Fairmont junior Gai Buk Shul is consistent in the brands of clothes he wears. “The No. 1 rule to good style? Ralph Lauren Polo,” he says. Buk Shul is a die-hard Polo fan and refers to his fashion pick as “horsing around,”referring to Ralph Lauren’s logo, a polo player on horseback. In Ralph Lauren’s 2012 spring show, the models are sporting a preppy look, utilizing pastel colors in everything from pants to ascots.

Another focus of Polo, as well as many other designers, is utilizing the versatility of suits. A man is no longer confined to wearing his suits only at work but should feel free to show off his buttons with a pair of dark-wash jeans in place of slacks.

But dressing with style doesn’t necessarily require teens to have a big clothing allowance. A popular trend in developing a wardrobe nowadays is the act of thrift shopping. Numerous students shop at locations such as Goodwill or Valley Thrift, where students purchase recycled clothing that is donated to these locations.  Many students find the benefits of “thrifting” to be just as gratifying as shopping in the retail store.

Junior Troy Belshe is a thrifty shopper when it comes to his wardrobe. “I enjoy shopping at thrift stores more than at the mall because you never know what you are going to find,” said Belshe.

The inexpensive prices that thrift stores charge is one reason teenagers flock to them. Belshe says he can find a $20 T-shirt for only a quarter at certain thrift shops. The act of thrifting, therefore, offers relief on the wallet, as well as a renewed sense of style.