Trends, temperature and dress code impact girls’ choices

Trends, temperature and dress code impact girls choices

As the temperature rises, so do hem lines – which means the controversy over the dress code at Fairmont has boiled up, especially among young women. But some of the spring and summer fashions can help a girl be trendy without incurring the wrath of a principal.

At Fairmont, all shorts, dresses and skirts must be at fingertip length; if a student is caught breaking this rule, she’s asked to change into an alternative that’s the appropriate length for the school dress code.

“I try to respect the dress code, but it is very difficult to find shorts that are fingertip-length for me, especially when I have long arms. I understand that the school can’t make an exception for some students, but I hate looking for long-enough shorts for school,” said junior Julia Molnar.

Many popular spring fashions, however, do fall within the dress code at Fairmont, especially maxi skirts and colorful skinny jeans.

“Every school has to have a dress code, and I do think that ours is reasonable to some extent,” said freshman Christy Wright. “With the fashions out this spring, it almost makes it more manageable to follow the dress code.”

Noting colorful capris she’s purchased, Wright added, “They are still fashionable, but appropriate for school.”

What’s all the rage?

Like Midwesterners’ moods, clothing tends to brighten in the spring. But this spring, fashion almost seems to jump out at people because of the increasingly popular neon colors. Everything neon – from neon necklaces to neon skinny jeans – is all the rage, according to popular magazines.

Bright colors seem to be a common theme among fashion magazines, but do the students who walk the halls of Fairmont agree that this is the latest and trendiest fashion? In fact, bright colors have been flashing between classes at Fairmont, too.

“I love wearing bright neon colors for spring and I have seen many bright colors at popular clothing stores, like Forever 21 and Pac Sun. I am definitely excited to add bright corals and greens to my wardrobe,” said senior Jenna Lane.

Glamour magazine also is showing many tribal and floral prints on short dresses and maxi skirts. Along with wild prints, Glamour’s pages reflect a return to ‘70s style, albeit one that avoids the disco and “fro” looks. Glamour and other fashion magazines also are talking quite a bit about the “hipster” and grunge looks that give off a “hobo” style for spring. “Add a solid accessory to your printed dress like a navy hobo bag,” advises Glamour.

The pages of Seventeen magazine display the tribal patterns just like Glamour and claim that “hipster is the look of the season, along with fun, fringed over-the-shoulder bags, giving a Native American style to spring and summer.”

The return of the maxi skirt has caught the eye of at least one Fairmont student. “My style has always been very alternative and I like to try new styles all the time,” said senior Madison Koebke. “However, I am a big fan of the maxi skirt. It’s a cute and easy outfit for the spring and even summer.”

So what will the students at Fairmont add to their closets this spring? With all the latest fashion tips and trends, it looks like they’re going to be filled with an assortment of bright colors and exotic patterns. However, students must abide by the dress code at Fairmont and lengthen those hem lines or suffer the consequences.