Delicious donut shops are sprinkled around Kettering

People young and old can always enjoy a tasty donut

People young and old can always enjoy a tasty donut

The donut [doh-nuht]: a sweet bakery product, usually (but not always) with a hole in the center, sometimes frosted or glazed, and occasionally filled with cream, pudding or jelly. Their delicious aroma compliments the scrumptious taste. To think the donut originated from the greasy fried oil cakes of the Dutch people is quite unbelievable.

Ever since their creation, they have entranced eaters everywhere, and this is definitely true for people in Kettering, Ohio. Firebirds frequent a smattering of local donut places, such as the famous Bill’s Donuts (which is technically in Centerville).  I, however, wanted to look into some of the more obscure, but still laudable, donut places that exist throughout this locale and try out their donuts.  In the following excursion, I was able to find out more about these donut restaurants off the beaten path.

Stan the Donut Man

I began my odyssey of obscure local donut restaurants by going to Stan the Donut Man, located at 1441 Wilmington Pike, partially lured to the place by the unique name the shop bears.

Stan’s is small donut shop featuring a large variety of donuts, cupcakes and other assorted bakery products. From their wide selection, I chose a $1 cinnamon bun and an 80-cent frosted cake donut.  Unlike most of the donut shops I visited, pecans are used to top the cinnamon bun, which nicely compliments the maple frosting and cinnamon flavor. Stan’s donuts also are rather chewy, compared to other donut places like Bill’s Donuts.

One important thing to remember is that like many small donut shops, in order to obtain a good selection, it is best to come as early as possible.  As the morning drags on, the number of donuts gradually diminishes.

Thacker’s Donuts

Next on my quest, I visited Thacker’s Donuts at 518 Wilmington Pike, a stone’s throw away from Stan the Donut Man. The selection was much smaller than that of Stan’s, but I was able to order the same items I had from my previous query for a cheaper price (80 cents per donut).  These donuts, however, were less dense and used much less frosting, although the frosting on the cake donut tasted quite delicious, much more rich and creamy than Stan’s frosting.

One thing that detracts from the overall enjoyment of the restaurant and its food is the fact that the shop is in close proximity to a tobacco store, diluting the pleasant aroma of the donut wares. Thankfully, this restaurant is so small that eating there is not an option and the donuts must be enjoyed at home.

Original American Donut

My final donut destination was the Original American Donut, a place I had fond childhood memories of, located at 4214 Linden Place. At first glance, the donuts here appear more numerous and much larger than the donuts at other places I had visited. I picked up what I had in my last two visits, a maple frosted cinnamon bun and frosted cake donut. The Original American Donut offers the perfect balance between dense and light, with thick frosting that has a nice homemade taste to it. Their menu options were just as delicious as I had remembered.