‘Inheritance’ shows people how a fantasy novel should be

Inheritance shows people how a fantasy novel should be

I remember first reading Cristopher Paloni’s Eragon in 6th grade and thinking that it was a great book. Still do. Now, six years later, I’ve finished reading the final book Inheritance and I think it’s also a great book. I’m a huge fan of fantasy novels, and the Inheritance cycle is one that I loved from the start. Inheritance reminded me of all he reasons that I loved this series.

Inheritance is a great book, and I thought that Paloni used it to end the series in a great way. Eragon’s journey has finally ended, and the events that led up to it were full of action and suspense. I found myself holding my breath as I turned the pages, waiting to read what would happen next. I love having that feeling of suspense as I read, and Paloni was great at creating it. Inheritance not only has moments of suspense, but plenty of action, mystery and comedy as well.

The story of Inheritance is an epic one. There are tons of battle scenes in it, filled to the brim with action. I wanted to know how each encounter would end, and if everyone I liked in the book would survive to the end. To me, Inheritance felt as much as a book as it did a movie while I was reading it. There was enough description of each event that I could get a good mental picture, and I saw most of the events that took place in the book.

I love this series, and have re-read the books multiple times. I’m sad to see it end, but I am also very happy with the way it ended. And who knows? Maybe Paloni will create more books for the forever fans of this series.