Boys’ Volleyball seeks success through effort, teamwork

Boys Volleyball seeks success through effort, teamwork

The Boys’ Varsity Volleyball team prepared for the 2012 season by playing numerous scrimmages against area teams. While the Firebirds  won most of their scrimmages, they lost their first game of the season against Northmont on April 3.

The loss, however, hasn’t diminished the players’ confidence that they’ll be competitive at upcoming games. “We have a lot of new players this year, but they’re all very athletic and we have an opportunity to be pretty good this year,” said senior Vince Sant.

Others agree with Sant and are looking forward to an exciting season. “I’m having lots of fun on the team with the other players and coaches,” said senior Jacob Roalef. “I think we will be pretty good this year and only get better.”

Those players who are new to the team say they feel a great amount of support from the veterans. “I am having a lot of fun so far and everyone is very supportive of one another,” said senior John Borger.

Sophomore Jake Roemer expresses similar feelings. “I feel as though I get along really well with all of the guys, and there is always someone there to help out with a technique or encourage you while in the game,” he said.

Head Coach Bill Buirley says he’s impressed by the players’ abilities and attitudes, and he thinks the boys will be successful.

“This year all of the boys are making exceptional effort on the team and extremely supportive of one another. I’m looking forward to the season and I can’t wait to see how well we play,” said Buirley.