Fairmont’s baseball team is ready to swing into action

Fairmonts baseball team is ready to swing into action

Juniors Hunter Phibbs, Justin Bonzani and Chet Powers intensely watch their teammates on the field.

Each year the Varsity Baseball team at Fairmont has 7 standing goals:

1. Create champions on and off the field.
2. Maintain a team GPA of 3.00.
3. Contend for the GWOC Central title.
4. Contend for a Sectional title.
5. Contend for a District title.

6. Contend for a Regional title.

And if everything else goes as planned,

7. Contend for a State title.

As the 2012 season gets under way, Varsity Head Coach Kent Drake  has a good feeling about obtaining these goals with the seven returning seniors and a strong crop of underclassmen.

“We feel that in order to have a positive, winning atmosphere in our program, all of our players must adhere to certain standards and discipline themselves,” said Drake. He said team members pride themselves on being disciplined and believe that discipline begets success.

With these goals in mind each year, the team carries a strong record. The GWOC Central is a very tough league, and it prepares the team for long runs in the tournament.

“We try to prepare as much as we can during the regular season so when the post-season comes around, we are well-prepared for the competition,” said Drake.

As he puts it: “The team is looking to make some noise in the tournament this year.”

Senior Bryan Prouty has the same good feelings about the season. “I really think that our team will be successful this year,” he said. “We have been working very hard in the pre-season and deserve a good record this year.”

The team graduated seven seniors last year, which meant it lost a lot of leaders. But seven current seniors are expected to step up and lead the team. “We do not have captains on the team. We feel everyone should be able to show leadership,” said Drake.

Prouty is one who is ready to lead the team. “I want to be able to lead the team through my actions,” he said. “I always have wanted people to look up to me, and this year because I am a senior, I feel that many underclassmen will be able to.”

Although a lot of seniors are willing to step up to the plate, Drake is looking for some underclassmen to give them some help this year as well. “We had a very tough JV team last year, and a lot of those players will be able to help us out a lot this year,” the coach said.

Junior Deven Gannon says he’s very excited for the season. “Having seniors will be really good this year because that gives all of the younger kids like me guys to look up to. I really think we could do big things this year if we continue to work hard.”

Games start at the end of the March, and the players and coaches hope to see students and faculty there. “We play behind Trent Arena, so no one has an excuse not to come,” said Drake. “Our games are exciting and we really like when we have a lot of fans.”

The first game is at home on Tuesday, March 27, at 5 p.m. Admission is free.