Senior students prepare for Seniors Helping Seniors

Senior students prepare for Seniors Helping Seniors

During Ohio Graduation Testing week, Fairmont seniors can be a part of Seniors Helping Seniors, a project created to offer senior students an opportunity to give back to their community during the time they don’t have tests. Last year, nearly 150 students volunteered for Seniors Helping Seniors. This year, however, more than 170 students have volunteered to help, setting a new record.

“I came up with the idea for Seniors Helping Seniors three years ago when I had the opportunity to write a grant from the Community Foundation for Kettering,” said United Student Body Adviser and Activities Coordinator Jenny Borchers. “This is the third year we were awarded the generous grant, and this will be our third Seniors Helping Seniors.”

The week of the program is March 12-16, 2012.

The senior students will be assisting senior citizens at a variety of different Kettering retirement communities with many activities, including making jewelry, baking, playing cards, doing puzzles, cleaning flower beds, raking and washing windows. “If we estimate that each of these students volunteers at least two mornings, that would mean Fairmont is giving 600 hours back to the community, and that’s the a low estimate,” said Borchers. “Most students even volunteer up to three or four of the mornings.”

Senior Miranda Almay is one of the students participating in Seniors Helping Seniors. “I like getting involved, and this seemed like a good opportunity,” said Almay. “I used to go to Miamisburg High School, and there was nothing like this there.”

Another senior student getting involved is Tim Keltner. “I like senior citizens, and I hope I can play games with them and have fun with them,” said Keltner. “I hope that I can create a bond with the senior citizens participating in Seniors Helping Seniors.”

In addition toFairmont senior students and Borchers, Assistant Activities Coordinator Roger Bauser and senior advisory faculty members also participate.

Seniors Helping Seniors is one way that students can get involved in the community and give help to those who need it and have worked to make the Kettering community such a great place in which to grow up.

“I’d like to gain personal insight with people from older generations instead of just people of my own age,” said Almay. “I want to bridge that generational gap.”