Rude comments on illegal immigration are hypocritical


For the majority of Americans, illegal immigration is one of those topics, along with religion, that you never talk about in polite company. Everyone seems to have differing opinions on the subject, and most of them are quite overbearing. The two extremes are basically to kick every illegal immigrant out of the country or let every immigrant in, but these are certainly not the only options. We need some kind of compromise. Both sides need to meet in the middle or nothing is going to get done.

Many people use the argument that illegal aliens are taking American jobs as a reason to oppose immigration reform. In fact, just yesterday I heard someone use the “They’re taking all of our jobs!” excuse. Seriously? Who actually wants to be a migrant farm worker? It’s by far the worst job anyone could ever have. Migrant farming is very dangerous work, and if something happens to the illegal workers, it becomes one of those “oh well, guess we will have to hire someone else” kind of things. Since illegal immigrants aren’t technically allowed to work, their employers don’t have to provide insurance or take any responsibility for their welfare. I’m quite sure that American citizens who are out of work for a long time would look for better options than migrant farming. Unfortunately, though, for illegal aliens this is often the only option.

I understand the other arguments on the issue. Some people are so against immigration because they think the immigrants want to get out of paying taxes. Honestly, I don’t think every immigrant who comes to America illegally actually wants to cheat the system. I’m sure if immigration wasn’t such a long, complicated process, these people would pay their taxes.

I truly think people have many reasons for choosing to come here and not applying for citizenship. It is such a cumbersome process, which requires a plethora of paperwork. Why would you go through that mess when you can still get refused? These people are very brave, and they leave their entire family in whatever country they were from to come to America for plethora of reasons. The heartbreaking thing, though, is that I’ve heard stories about people who spent years trying to get their citizenship, only to be refused and forced to leave the country.  If the process wasn’t so long and drawn out, more people who are “illegal” would be citizens!

As a high school student who is interested in majoring in English and getting a minor in Spanish in college, I know a lot of illegal immigrants from a variety of places and experiences. Recently, I have been helping teach an ESL (English as a Second Language) class on Saturday mornings for people who are from other countries and are trying to get by in theUnited States. I like all of them! The people I have met are very eager to learn English and about the American culture. Some of them are probably more determined than some of the people who are born here. Most of them tell me that the only reason they don’t apply to become citizens is because they fear they’ll get rejected and sent back.

Every illegal immigrant I know is a very kind person and adds culture and variety to our society. This is, after all, the great American tossed salad. Everyone you know is either an immigrant or descended from someone who was an immigrant when the process was somewhat doable. In fact, the only people who are not immigrants to this country are the Native Americans, and I’m sure some of them would agree with your argument about immigration and would love to help you pack your bags!

How can we be so hypocritical of immigrants when we were all there ourselves?