The Story So Far continues to defend pop-punk

The Story So Far continues to defend pop-punk

Typically when I think of a perfect pop-punk album, I think of either The Upsides by The Wonder Years or Real Talk by Man Overboard. But after hearing Under Soil and Dirt by The Story So Far, my opinions have varied much further.

Released in 2011, Under Soil and Dirt proved to be one of the most outstanding albums in the pop-punk genre. This album is, of course, familiar in the pop-punk aspect, which brings forth your typical punk rock and pop punk music in a mix. Yet it also brings a modern twist that has a great catchy flow.

If you’re looking for whiny vocals and beat downs, don’t listen to this album. This is an album full of catchy, thought-out vocals that will make connections with your everyday life. This album hits deep, dealing with real-life situations, friendships and relationships. It’s the perfect opportunity to feel what some are searching for.

Some know that pop-punk isn’t always known for the lyrical quality, but The Story So Far raises the bar with what I would say is a brilliantly written album with lyrics like “Never again will I let someone in” and “You have no idea how unproductive it is to fall in and out of you as often as I do,” from the song States and Minds.

For all those pop-punk lovers out there who haven’t given Under Soil and Dirt a chance, anytime is a good time to discover such an awesome album that raises the bar for any other pop-punk bands. If I were you, I’d defend pop-punk and give this album a listen.