‘Twilight’ cast improves in ‘Breaking Dawn’

Twilight cast improves in Breaking Dawn

Photo: Andrew Cooper

The saga of Bella and Edward continues in “Breaking Dawn: Part One.”

Breaking Dawn: Part One was the movie Twilight fans had been waiting for as the fiasco between Edward and Jacob over Bella continues. You might like this movie if you like weddings, honeymoons and fights between wolf packs.

Viewers who haven’t seen any of the previous movies must see the other three movies in the Twilight saga before going to see Breaking Dawn or they won’t understand what’s going on.

If I had to rate the movie on a scale of 5 stars, I would give it 4. The film feels rushed but still includes the most important details of the first half of the book.

I also think the actors have improved in their performances since the earlier Twilight films. Kristen Stewart was horrid in the Twilight and New Moon films and showed progress in the film Eclipse, but she really embraces the role of Bella in this film. Stewart shows more emotions and doesn’t seem stiff as she had in the previous movies.

Robert Pattinson also improves in Breaking Dawn: Part One;  he seemed like he was in constant pain in the earlier films, but he  embraced and accurately portrayed the Edward character from the book series. The other actors and actresses have done a marvelous job throughout all of the films.

Breaking Dawn: Part One was quite enjoyable, but it is not for children due to several graphic scenes. This film is also great for seeing with your friends and a good movie for couples.