Roaring through pool earns Rohr a Miami scholarship

Roaring through pool earns Rohr a Miami scholarship

Senior sprinter Natalie Rohr’s hours in the pool have earned her a scholarship to Miami University in Ohio, where she plans to study Exercise Science.

Most top athletes will tell you that hard work and practice are the keys to success. If you’re a swimmer like senior Natalie Rohr, it also means you spend a fair amount of your life in the water. The Flyer asked Rohr a bit about swimming, college and her dreams for life after college.

How long have you been swimming competitively?

I’ve been on a competitive team since I was 5 years old. So about 12-13 years.

What events do you participate in as a swimmer? 

I’m a sprinter, so I swim the 50 (down and back) and 100 freestyle. I also swim the 100 backstroke.

Do you swim on teams besides Fairmont’s?

If so, what are they? Yes, the KEY Swim Team.

How do you train?

I practice twice a day, once before school starting at 5:15 and then after school starting at 3:30. In one day, I spend about 4 hours in the pool. Some mornings we do dry land, which is just running and cardio. I also lift three times a week after practice. Our whole team is together, which makes practices way more fun.

What are your personal bests?

50 free – 23.6 seconds. 100 free – 51.6 seconds. 100 back – 58.3 seconds. I swim other events, too, but these are the events I swim during the high school season.

Do you expect you’ll improve your personal bests this year?

I hope so! My team as been working a lot harder this year, so hopefully it all pays off.

Do you hope to swim in college? If so, what colleges are you interested in?

Yes, and I actually already committed to Miami University a few months ago to swim on scholarship next fall.

What do you want to major in at Miami?

I plan on majoring in Exercise Science in college.

What other sports do you do participate besides swimming? What’s your favorite? Why?

Oh, I have zero coordination to be able to do anything else. If I didn’t swim, I would have no idea what I would do. Maybe/probably volleyball? Swimming and school take up so much of my time already, I really wouldn’t have time to participate in anything else.

What are your non-sports interests?

I’ve been playing the cello for about seven years now. My mom is the orchestra teacher at Van Buren Middle School and plays violin in the Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra, and my dad loves to sing, so I’ve always been surrounded by music. I love playing cello. I feel like playing an instrument is a lot more different than anything else you could do. I also love Mr. Wright and the Symphonic Orchestra.  

What would your ideal job be after college?

Oh, I would love to become an athletic trainer for a professional sports team, but that may be slightly hard to do right after college. I will more than likely attend physical therapy school after college.