Roalef gets it done on the court, in the classroom

Roalef gets it done on the court, in the classroom

Senior Jacob Roalef is very intense during practice.

Being on a varsity sport and maintaining a 3.8 GPA may be hard for most, but its an everyday task for senior Jacob Roalef. Although he’s a standout player on the basketball court, Roalef also works hard in the classroom.

 To say that Roalef started playing basketball at a young age is an understatement. “I’ve been playing basketball ever since I can remember,” said Roalef. He says his father is the one who encouraged him to play basketball ever since he was a little boy. “My dad has really helped me throughout my career.”

Along with his dad, Roalef says Boys’ Varsity Basketball Coach Hank Bias has helped him get where he is today. “Coach Bias is always there to help and is a great man,” Roalef said.

Bias, who has coached Roalef since he’s been in high school, has nothing but good things about the player. “Jacob is a great person on and off the court; he is one of the finest young men I have coached,” Bias said. He added that Roalef leads by example on the court and many of his teammates look up to him.

Because Roalef is a senior with four years of varsity experience, many players look to him for guidance and help on the court. “Jacob really helps me out during practice and during games,” said junior Greg Osborne.

Roalef understands his role and tries to live up to the responsibilities that come with it. “I’m always willing to help the other players when they need it. I enjoy how some of the guys look up to me; they know I am always here to help them,” Roalef said.

When he is not on the court or in the classroom, Roalef can be found hanging out with his friends. “I don’t really have that much free time, but when I do, I’m usually joking around and having a good time with my friends,” he said.

After high school, Roalef intends to study some type of biology in college, but he’s not sure where he would like to go with that yet. He’s also uncertain about his future with basketball. “I’m not sure if I am going to play ball in college because I can get great scholarships for my grades if I decide I don’t want to play,” Roalef said.

Playing sports and getting good grades in high school takes a lot of hard work and determination, and Roalef brings both of those to every challenge he faces.