Switchfoot’s new CD comes out with a bang

Switchfoots new CD comes out with a bang

They did it again. Switchfoot has managed to whip out another album of pure awesomeness. From the instrumentation to lead singer Jon Foreman’s voice, and from the lyrics to the overall vibe of the record, Switchfoot blows my mind with their latest CD, Vice Verses.

The lyrics

Switchfoot puts a strong meaning into almost every lyric. Yes, they are a Christian band, but they don’t slap listeners in the face with religion. They like to make the listener think with lyrics like, “When nothing is sacred/there’s nothing to lose,” from Selling the News or “Why would I wait till I die to come alive?” in Afterlife. Their message is subtle, yet moving. They often use strong metaphors to communicate their message, such as, “I am the dried up doubted eyes/looking for a well that won’t run dry,” in the song Restless, describing a person looking for God.  Paired with Foreman’s soulful and astounding voice, I feel myself overtaken by the music and the message.

The record

The album comes out of the gates with Afterlife, inspiring some deep thinking from the start. In Selling the News, Switchfoot strays from their typical rock music and goes a little funkier. They keep the album energized with Dark Horses and The War Inside with a heavy guitar moving the songs along. I’ve always been a fan of Switchfoot’s slower music, and they don’t disappoint with songs like Thrive and the title track, Vice Verses.  They wrap it all up with Where I Belong, a softer song that has an almost surreal vibe, like all the music is in the background, yet surrounding you. It’s as if you’re drowning in the music – truly indescribable.

Fan reception

Vice Verses has been given the highest of ratings by many critics. iTunes gave the album five stars and Amazon.com gave it four and a half. The song Restless has been featured on Christian radio, while the video for Dark Horses has become a Youtube hit.  The album reached the No. 1 spot the week of Oct. 15 on the Christian Billboard Top 100, coming in 8th overall. It also received eight-and-a-half stars from Ultimate Guitar.


This record is the very definition of amazing. There’s no better way to describe it.  I can’t help but get lost in the music. It’s one of the most surreal albums I’ve listened to.  I’ve been a Switchfoot fan since 2003 with their major label debut, Beautiful Letdown, and this is by far their best yet.