Mayday Parade’s self-titled album amazes

Mayday Parades self-titled album amazes

When I first heard Mayday Parade’s debut studio album A Lesson in Romantics in the summer of 2007, I fell in love with the band and their sound. Recently, they released their third album, the self-titled Mayday Parade, and it’s safe to say my opinion hasn’t changed a bit.

When Mayday Parade was released on Oct. 4, it hit the U.S. Billboard 200 at No. 12 and sold more than 26,800 copies in its first week. The album is easily one of their best works yet. Featuring 12 tracks, including the singles Oh Well, Oh Well and When You See My Friends, this album has lyrics similar to its predecessor, the album Anywhere but Here.

First impressions

The moment I purchased Mayday Parade, I put it on my iPod and listened to it for the next week straight. In the past, when I listened to an album nonstop for a long period of time, I grew tired of the songs and the sound. But with this album, it was different.

Mayday Parade has always been able to touch me emotionally, because every album has at least one song (although usually there are at least four or five) that I can personally relate to. This album was no different.

On my first listen-through, I felt connections to almost every song. Out of all of the songs, however, Stay and When You See My Friends were the ones that got to me the most because they had lyrics and themes that relate a lot to what I’m going through currently in my life, and they also happen to be my favorites off the album.

The lyrics

The lyrics for Mayday Parade are very similar to previous albums, and the topics of the songs are much like songs Mayday Parade has produced in previous albums. Despite the similarities, I felt like the new songs each brought out something new for the band.

As always, Mayday Parade wrote their songs about love and heartbreak and loss. In When You See My Friends, the lyrics talk about a lost love, but without anger, unlike other songs on the album. In Oh Well, Oh Well, the lyrics talk about a lost love, but the whole song takes a sardonic tone, as evidenced in the lyrics, “So here’s your song. It’s twisting me/I’d give anything to make you scream/And I’ll just smile, and make believe I don’t feel a thing.”

Overall impressions

This is a very high-quality album, and I was definitely impressed with what Mayday Parade produced. For those who have heard Mayday Parade before, this album is a must-listen, because it’s easily one of their best pieces of work to date. And for those who haven’t heard Mayday Parade before, well, if you like bands like The Spill Canvas, Hit the Lights or Forever the Sickest Kids, then you should definitely give this album a listen.