Great dates don’t have to break the bank

Great dates dont have to break the bank

A great date doesn’t have to be an expensive one.

Preparation for that special date you’ve been waiting for all week can be tough. You face decisions on what to wear, how to style your hair … and don’t forget about the several choices of perfume. Guys also can get flustered about the several possible combinations of shirts and pants or the 20 different colognes to choose from in their bathroom.

But perhaps the biggest decision of all is how to plan a nice date that doesn’t exceed the capabilities of your wallet.

If anyone is having this problem, The Flyer is here to assist you. Let’s say you didn’t get as many tips at work this week or mowing lawns didn’t really put that extra wad of cash in your pocket. Well, it is possible to go on a date and still have fun, while not spending too much money in the end.

Cheap isn’t always bad

To have a good and inexpensive time, pack a lunch consisting of sandwiches, fruit, chips and possibly a bottle of sparkling grape juice in a picnic basket. Then put that and a blanket in the trunk of your car, and take your date to a public, comfortable atmosphere such as Cox Arboretum, located a little south of Kettering at 6733 Springboro Pike.

Admission is free, and you and your date can go on a nice nature walk or a hike to get some relaxing exercise. Once the two of you finish your adventurous tour, return to your car to grab the picnic items and have a picnic at a nearby area. At the end of the date, you’ll have barely spent a penny, but you’re sure to have had a great time.

Fairmont junior Matt Steele agrees there’s no reason to spend a lot of money on every date. “I love going on dates and experiencing new things with my significant other, but it’s nice just to do something adventurous that is cheap and still fun,” said Steele. “It’s nice having a girlfriend who doesn’t need extra money spent on her to be pleased.”

A little pricier

It’s possible that you’ve already done the extra-cheap-but-cute date, and you’re in it this time to spend a little more cash. You can drive your date to one of the many relatively inexpensive fast-food restaurants, such as McDonald’s. Most offer a variety of food choices, including items for meat-eaters, vegetarians and dieters, so your date will have plenty of menu items from which to pick.

Maybe you and your date want to add an activity, too. You can drive over to1601 East David Road and play a few games of miniature golf at Indian Trails. You can enjoy the competition of trying to beat one another and only pay the price of $5 per person. The cost of the meal and the golf outing works out to about $20, so you’re not putting too big of a dent in your wallet.

Sophomore Holly Gyenes feels a fun date doesn’t have to be a pricey one. “My ideal date is a dinner and a movie,” said Gyenes, “something that’s simple and nothing too fancy. I think spending time with someone should be special and for me, nothing extravagant is necessary to win me over.”

For someone “extra” special

To kick it up a notch, you might be interested in taking your significant other somewhere a little nicer than McDonald’s. Instead of chicken nuggets or cheeseburgers, the two of you can enjoy a delicious pizza in a comfortable atmosphere by heading over to Marion’s Piazza at the corner of Stroop Road and Far Hills Avenue. This popular restaurant offers quality, inexpensive pizza that can satisfy meat lovers and vegetarians alike. A typical 13” Marion’s pizza is $13 and after a pitcher of Coke or another drink, the bill averages out to about $17.

If you do lunch at Marion’s, you’ll have time to go all out with an afternoon activity. Hop in your car, blast the radio and drive down to the Cincinnati Zoo. After 61 minutes of jamming out with your date, you’ll arrive at your destination at 1229 Elm St. What a great place to go on a sunny day! Your date will fall head over heels for you upon seeing all the adorable and exotic animals and will appreciate the creativity of the date.

A regular adult admission ticket for the Cincinnati Zoo is $14 per person, so your cost for this date will be about $45 (plus, of course, the gas to get from here to Cinci and back). Sure, it’s a little more expensive than your usual date, but it’s sure to please that extra-special person, and everyone needs to splurge once in a while.

After taking all the time to make the decision of where to eat and what to do afterwards, you may feel overwhelmed on how to act on the date. Don’t fret; Fairmont Social Studies teacher Karla Mabry has advice for you.

“When you go on a date, the most important thing to do is be yourself,” said Mabry. “Always be proud of who you are and make sure your date likes you for you and not someone else.”

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