Girls’ Varsity volleyballers feel good about 15-9 season

Girls Varsity volleyballers feel good about 15-9 season

The Fairmont Girls’ Varsity Volleyball players finished their season with a close 1-3 match against Lebanon in the Sectional finals. They ended their season with a record of 15-9, and the girls were happy overall with their performance.

“I was disappointed to see our season end, but I had fun and was happy with how we did throughout tournament and the year,” said junior Chelsea Welch.

Juniors Staci Bennett, Cheyenne Jones and Chelsea Welch earned spots on the GWOC First Team, and sophomore Kathryn Westbeld was named to the GWOC Second Team.

The team awards revealed at the banquet were: MVP: Cheyenne Jones; Most Improved: sophomore Melanie Hageman; and Coaches Award: junior Natalie Uy.

“I thought this year we all worked really hard, and I felt like we all really wanted to win for each other,” said Westbeld.