Student says ‘Thanks!’ to the FHS custodians

Student says Thanks! to the FHS custodians

I’m in the library right now and there’s a janitor working on the light fixtures. I don’t know if there’s a Custodian Appreciation Day, but if there isn’t, we should definitely start one. (If there is, we should make it more well-known). So I would like to write a letter of thanks to every janitor that ever lived.

Dear Janitors/Custodians,
I don’t think many people tell you this often, but you are superheroes. You fix our lights, plow the snowy sidewalks during the winter, and mop up vomit. Without your dedication and hard work, our school system would surely be in shambles. The floor tiles would be broken and unwaxed, our windows would be cracked, and our doors would be forever locked. Not very many people are willing to do what you do, but you still get up early and stay late, even though we take you for granted. So thank you, janitors. Fairmont loves you.