‘Goodbye Planet Earth’ will make your jaw drop

Goodbye Planet Earth will make your jaw drop

Cover artwork from Matthew Ebel’s “Goodbye Planet Earth”

As a three-year veteran on 98.3 WKET-FM Kettering, the school radio station, and as an aficionado of music in general, it’s incredibly rare for me to find an artist that truly makes my heart skip a beat and forces me to give a good, hard listen to a song, let alone an entire album.

Goodbye Planet Earth is musician Matthew Ebel’s 2007 album, which he describes as a concept album about outer space, love, robots and ninjas. The album features 17 tracks, including tunes that will keep you smiling throughout, such as Everybody Needs a Robot and the titular track Goodbye Planet Earth.

The album also features a few tunes that will sincerely touch you. A Cautionary Tail stays beautiful with the notes from Ebel’s own piano, and the final track on the album, I Will Wait for You, sincerely had me in tears.

I have never before listened to an entire album from start to finish and truly felt like I needed to listen to it again and again and again.

The Instrumentation

Ebel classifies himself as a “piano rocker.” The album itself features piano from Ebel as well as a drum set and, in the spirit of outer space, a nice effects track that one would certainly hear in a sci-fi film. The way these three blend together – especially with Ebel’s voice – creates a pyramid of sound that pleases the ears and keeps one listening long after the first track has played. It doesn’t particularly matter what kind of music you like listening to, Matthew Ebel’s music will create a beautiful symphony in your ears.


The Songs

The album is filled with amazing songs, and it’s nearly impossible to pick a few favorites. However, a few really stick out for me. The titular song on the album, Goodbye Planet Earth, has been one of my favorites for a while, as I had heard it before I bought GPE. The song itself carries a very high-energy beat throughout it that will keep you listening until the song’s ending note, the “POW” at the end the fans love so much. On a more serious note, one of the more emotional songs, Every Color, touches me in a simple, beautiful way – it seems to reach out and tell listeners to look out of their worlds of black and white and see all the colors of the world.

Finally, my favorite track on the album is I Will Wait for You. The entire album seems to build up to the apex of beauty contained in this one song. From start to finish, I was subconsciously waiting to hear this song at the very end – and when I did, I couldn’t stop listening. The song itself brought me to tears with the sheer moving force of it, the harmonies and layering of music intertwining with beautiful lyrics to create one of the greatest listening experiences I’ve had in a long, long time.


Fan Reception

Matthew Ebel’s 2007 album has been received incredibly well by fans and critics alike. Garnering an almost perfect 5-star rating between Amazon and CDBaby, as well as a 5-star rating on iTunes, Ebel seems to have created a pure gold mine of music for his fans. I count myself among the legion of fans that collectively refer to themselves as the Robot Army.


Final Grade Card

So, I’ve gone on and on about how wonderful this album is, but what did I really mean, without all the fluff in between? Here’s a final grade markup:

Instrumentation: A+

Songs: A++

Fan Reception: A+

Final Grade: A++ – Must Have!

There you have it – Matthew Ebel’s Goodbye Planet Earth is an absolute must have for any lover of music. If you want to sample some of Ebel’s music, you can get five free songs for signing up for the mailing list at www.matthewebel.com. And who doesn’t like free songs?