Ohio’s weather extremes force students to alter styles

Sporting this years winter fashions are Matt Miller, Matt Chandler, Samantha Dalton and Megan Florence.

Sporting this years winter fashions are Matt Miller, Matt Chandler, Samantha Dalton and Megan Florence.

Living in Ohio means hot muggy weather one day, then frigid cold the next day. Needless to say, Ohio is notorious for its bipolar weather.

This creates some problems for students who have very specific clothing styles or just like to look good in general. Many find it complicated to dress for the Ohio weather and feel frustrated when picking out outfits with the cold weather approaching.

Layering clothing

Although it may be difficult to dress for Ohio’s weather extremes, some students have found ways to combine style and practicality in their clothing choices. They’ve found a three-word solution to the chaotic temperatures: layers, layers, layers.

Sophomore Jessica Hufnagle incorporates layering into her style. “I like to dress in layers so that way I can take layers off when I get hot or put layers back on when I’m cold in class,” she said.

However, other students find it a burden to pile on the layers and would much rather go without all the bulk of clothing.

“I hate dressing in layers because it’s uncomfortable to me. I like to wear simple clothing that I feel comfortable in without having to take off or put on layers,” said senior Jackson Kissel.

Changes in temperature do force many students’ fashion to become more casual. The “stylish” factor seems to be fading as the rough weather approaches. Many choose comfort over style.

“Now that the weather is changing, my style is more relaxed because it takes too much effort to dress for the ever-changing temperatures,” said junior Sam Pagliaroli. “I usually throw on a pair of jeans, a T-shirt and grab a sweatshirt on my way out the door for school.”

Students dress according to mood

Ohio winters are typically very overcast, and just as the gloomy weather can affect moods, so can it affect what students feel like wearing. The dismal Ohio winters force students to put fashion on hold and dress according to how they are feeling. When beautiful weather comes to Ohio, students say they are in a better mood and the color starts to show in their fashion choices.

“When I know it’s going to be a sunny day, I usually dress with a lot of style and add lots of color to my outfit,” said Fairmont senior Neda Azzam. “I feel better and more confident about myself if it’s a sunny day, which isn’t that often.”

On the rare occasion of a sunny day, emotions seem to be lifted by the sunshine. Several Fairmont students shared that when they know it’s going to be a sunny day they get excited when picking out an outfit.

“I usually plan out my outfits ahead of time, and if I know the temperature is going to be warm and sunny, I dress with style and can’t wait to show my outfit off the next day at school,” said Fairmont senior Anna Crabill.

As gloomy weather hits, some have the opposite reaction when picking out an outfit for school. For most students, it’s difficult to wake up in the early morning, especially if it’s a chilly, cloudy day. Students like Fairmont sophomore Clay Dorman feel that style doesn’t matter to them when the winter months strike.

“I wake up and grab a sweatshirt and sweat pants when it’s a gloomy day. That kind of weather doesn’t give me any motivation to actually look nice for school, plus I don’t really care,” said Dorman.

Winter’s one redeeming fashion quality

Even though Ohio’s weather have its ups and downs in temperature, the winters tend to stay dreary and dark. Some students let that dictate their clothing, but it inspires some to get more creative with their style.

“I like to stock up on a bunch of boots and fun scarves to prepare myself for the rough winter ahead. Even though I do love the warmer months, I think it’s fun to dress for the cold,” said Fairmont freshman Sammie Hamilton.

Senior Jenna Lane agrees with Hamilton. Lane also prefers the warmth over the harsh winters, but if she prepares for the weather, she can get creative with her style. And Lane loves to add new clothes to her wardrobe.

“Shopping is one of my favorite activities, especially when it comes to buying clothes for the winter. Pea coats and knit hats are a couple of my favorite winter fashions, and this allows me to get creative with my style even when the weather is cold,” said Lane.

With Ohio having bipolar weather no one ever knows what the temperature will be tomorrow; even the weathermen can’t predict the ever-changing temperatures. Planning outfits for some may be a drag, but for other Fairmont students it allows them to come up with new, creative style. The fashion-conscious at Fairmont are ready to put up a fight against the moods swings of Ohio weather.