‘Respect’ Word of the Month winners recognized

Respect Word of the Month winners recognized

Fairmont High School and the Partners for Healthy Youth have recognized the following students and staff members for winning the “Character Word of the Month Contest.” September’s Character Word of the Month was “Respect.” Each month, the award highlights students and teachers who exemplify a certain character trait. Throughout the month of September, students and teachers nominated people they view as respectful.

The following students received an award for the past month’s character word: Corey Ashworth, Natalie Babbitt, Danielle Banks, Joe Barton, Casey Blunt, Jordan Brown, Jeff Bruns, Hannah Burnett, Megan Butler, Devin Cahill, Courtney Cattrall, Alicia Clark, Samantha Cunningham, Brittany Davis, Kenzie Dorman, Stephanie Duncan, Matthew Ebersbach, Zena Fadel, Taylor Gruhl, Caitlin Hageman, Corinn Herrick, Jacon Hesse, Rachel Hester, Alex Herzog, Conner Hodges, Quintin Joliffe-Haas, Jaimi Jutras, Justin Kihn, Tyler Keyton, Nicholas Lynch-Voris, Tyler Mabes, Mary Kate MacLean, Leslie Mamula, Liz Mercer, Ashley Mercs, Holly Mercs, Kati Molnar, Skye O’Beollain, Milin Pandya, Brendalyn Perley, Alex Robeson, Ariana Ruiz, Anna Smith, Sammy Stephens and Justin Weiner.

Fairmont High School’s staff winner for September was intervention specialist Marie Wehner.