Fairmont sets goal to collect 200 pints in Blood Drive

Fairmont sets goal to collect 200 pints in Blood Drive

Joe Barton relaxes as he donates blood during Fairmont’s 2010 Blood Drive.

If you think one person can’t make a difference, think again … and then think about signing up to donate at Fairmont’s annual Blood Drive on Oct. 21 at Trent Arena.

“Statistics show that every pint of blood can potentially save about three lives, and only three teaspoons of blood can save a baby’s life,” said Fairmont Assistant Student Activities Coordinator Roger Bauser.

Bauser has organized the Blood Drive since it began in 1985. Since then, thousands of students and staff have donated almost 700 gallons of blood, saving hundreds of lives. “The entire area needs on average, 300 pints of blood a day, and our goal is to donate at least 200,” said Bauser.

Fairmont students who are 16 or older will receive signup forms in Advisory on Oct. 11, and the forms are due to the Activities Office by Oct. 19. Those who are 16 will need a parent signature on the form. Appointments begin as early as 7:30 a.m., and the last appointment of the day will be 1:50 p.m. Bauser said he hopes to get about 205 donors.

“If you start donating when you’re 16 and continue donating till you are 60, needless to say, you have saved hundreds of lives,” Bauser said. This blood also would benefit people recovering from surgeries, accidents and with special diseases.

“Every three seconds, someone needs a blood transfusion, and everyone will most likely need a blood transfusion within their lifetime,” said Bauser.

For more information about the Blood Drive, see Bauser in the Activities Office in the mornings, or email him at [email protected].