Senior photo choices vary as much as students do

Senior photo choices vary as much as students do

Fairmont senior Emma Dornbusch poses for her senior portraits at Prestige.

A great four years deserves a great photo, so every summer and fall students flock to the studios to get portraits to reflect their senior year.

Students try to make their photos match their own originality. Some demand perfection down to that one stray hair that needs to be tucked away, while others simply want to get a photo to go next to their name in the yearbook. Popular studios such as Peter’s and Prestige are known for their quality photos, but some students have taken alternative routes.

Whether the more pricey professional route or the cheap-as-possible option, senior photos are all about the memories and experiences that came with the year.

Prestige Portraits has been a popular studio among students for several years. Like many other studios, they offer many package options for students. These options include a “Build your own package,” which includes a variety of senior portrait CDs, personalized wallet photos, posters, frames and wallet albums. These portraits come in different sizes and the packages vary in price depending on what and how much a student purchases.

Prestige also takes senior pictures to go in Fairmont’s Firebird yearbook. If a senior has his photos taken at their studio, Prestige will forward two prints to the Fairmont Yearbook office automatically. The deadline for allFairmont seniors to turn in their photos to the Yearbook Office in Room 121 is Dec. 1. These color photos must be vertical headshots in standard wallet size (2¼ x 3¼). They must be in color and will not be accepted late.

Fairmont senior Heather Hutchison went to Prestige and had a welcoming and helpful experience.

“The photographers had a ton of great ideas for poses and were hilarious,” said Hutchison. Prestige also offered her many settings and backgrounds for her photos. “I had at least nine settings, which included the Oregon District, lockers, outside by swings and a few others.”

Hutchison said she was very pleased with their service, and they had a lot to offer her with the photos she had taken. “I had so much fun and everyone there was so helpful,” she said.

Peter’s Photography and Callahan Photography offer packages similar to Prestige’s, but also have special effects such as underwater shots and outdoor scenes featuring wildflowers.

Senior Rachel Maloney got her photos taken at Callahan Photography. She, too, had a positive experience during her photo shoot. “My photographer was great. She guided me through the photos and helped me get a good quality picture,” said Maloney.

Maloney said she didn’t feel the awkwardness that often comes from being photographed. “My outside shots were my favorite because I loved being out in the sun, and the flowers matched what I was wearing.”

Fairmont senior Liz Mercer took a different spin on senior portraits; she decided to take other students’ pictures herself. This idea came to Mercer when she decided that no one would know what seniors want in their pictures better than a senior. Photography has been Mercer’s passion since her middle school days, and she mostly taught herself photography skills with a little help from her dad.

Even though Mercer has developed her photography ability over the years, she still feels stress during a shoot.

“I feel tons of pressure during the shoot, and I know it’s important for the senior to feel accomplished at the end of the shoot,” said Mercer. Mercer has faced some challenges when taking photos, especially when her camera wants to use flash, but she doesn’t.

Mercer has even started a business using her photography skills; she has been charging seniors around $30 for 50 photos. “It’s a great way to earn a little extra cash,” she said. So far, Mercer has taken pictures for three seniors and even one underclassman. “I love to capture the personalities of students on film. Each shoot is individual to that person.”

Senior Alex Durham, one of the seniors Mercer photographed, said he enjoyed working with Mercer and felt she was very creative. “I had a blast taking my portraits. Liz helped me through the process and took me to some great places; the shots turned out great,” said Durham.

Jon Morton Photography has also become popular among students. This is one of the more expensive studios, but he also offers special deals to students. One of his cheapest sessions is his in-studio location, which costs $100 for 60 minutes. This includes unlimited outfit changes, a variety of backdrops and 30 to 40 photos within seven days. He also offers a BFF (best friends forever) discount, where a senior can bring a friend and that student and friend receive $50 off each photo shoot plus pictures together.

Senior Madison Koebke had her photos taken at Jon Morton and loves the creativity in his photos. “I love how he takes his photos at such interesting angles and how dramatic they turn out; it adds great effect,” said Koebke.

Time is running out to get senior portraits and get them in the yearbook. Firebird Yearbook Adviser Jessica Stickel urges seniors who have not yet had their photo taken to schedule one soon.

For many, getting senior photos taken is about the fun of the shoot and getting a great product in the end. But 25 years from now, most Fairmont alumni will turn to the yearbook to remember classmates, so you don’t want to be left out.

For more information about the requirements to get your senior photo in the yearbook, click HERE.