‘Runemarks’ makes its mark on its readers

Runemarks makes its mark on its readers

In Joanne Harris’ book Runemarks, Maddy Smith, the outcast-born protagonist, goes on an adventure that changes her world. An exciting novel filled with memorable characters, Runemark’s  intense action scenes and interesting twists kept me on the edge of my seat until the very last sentence. In Maddy’s tale, I met a wide array of characters, from mischievous goblins to revenge-seeking goddesses. The book took me through a myriad of locations, like the simple town of Malbry and the goblin-infested “World Below”.

As Maddy journeys deeper and deeper into the “World Below”, some of the ancient Norse gods, like Odin, Skadi and Idun, meet in the Fundament to discuss a new threat to the world, only to have one god betray the others out of revenge (which one, readers will have to find out for themselves). The plot twists multiple times, eventually splitting up all the heroes of the story as the book reaches its exciting and adventurous climax. Joanne Harris has done an amazing job capturing the minds of readers of all ages, and Runemarks will stay in my mind long after setting the novel down.