Katy Perry disproves bad reviews in Louisville concert

Katy Perry disproves bad reviews in Louisville concert

Photo: Snapper Media / Splash News

American singer songwriter Katy Perry rocks a crowd at The Forum in the Entertainment Quarter at Fox Studios in Sydney, Austrailia.

On Sept. 10, 2011, the lovely Katy Perry made one of the 41 stops on her California Dreams Tour inLouisville, Kentucky, at the KFC Yum Center. I had the privilege to attend this concert, and when asked my thoughts on it, I could only reply with praises such as “outstanding,” “theatrical” or simply “wow.” A Katy Perry concert is more along the lines of an experience than just a concert. It had all the different components to a great show: the look-alike fans, great seats, the lights and the overall setting of the stage.  She created a bond with the audience by being interactive with her fans and allowing some of them to even join her on stage at one point.

Aside from the actual appearance of the concert, what really made the night was her music. Since I had never heard her music live, I was basing my opinion of how she would sound on other people’s reviews: the general consensus was Katy Perry is terrible live. With that mindset, I walked into the concert with a skeptical outlook, but now I am happy to report that these opinions were completely false. I found her live performance to be surprisingly good and it felt great to disprove my previous negative attitude.

Perry began her show with her ever-popular single Teenage Dream, and even the sight of her on stage had the crowd roaring. As her show progressed, Perry performed more and more of her popular tunes like Hot N Cold, E.T. and Firework. With each new song she played, Perry would don a new set of clothes; she even changed outfits mid-song. Overall, I tip my hat to Miss Perry and her entourage for their hard work to put on such a production and being able to consistently perform the same show for months without end. Katy Perry is a must when it comes to concerts of a lifetime.