A proper playlist makes returning to school less painful

A proper playlist makes returning to school less painful

By Brian Cassidy

These days, anything can be matched up with a song, whether it’s the crazy things you did last Friday night, a national tragedy or just a Sunday drive. As long as music has been around, artists have used their talents to create songs that mesh with all moods and situations that people experience every day. Staff writer Brian Cassidy invited junior Brandi Fielek  to find songs that best fit common situations students encounter from sunrise to sunset.

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Alarm Clock

BrianBoston by Augustana is a brilliant choice to set as your alarm clock wake-up song. The opening piano riff is a soothing way to slowly regain consciousness. If there is anything more agonizing than waking up in the early morning, it’s having a rude awakening. The opening piano riff continues until the second verse when the song adds the instrumentals, giving a suitable amount of time to let your body start functioning again after a night’s rest.

Brandi:  Anything to do with alarms, mellow or not, is a rude awakening in the morning. Why not do it with a bang? Everybody by the Backstreet Boys lets you know the day is back, and it’s time to get out of bed. It makes sure you’re up and ready to go, getting you excited for your day with its dance mood and party beats.


Brian:  Captain Kirk by Bob Schneider is a song to jam out to while driving. It’s not a fast song, so it relaxes the mind to allow for more focused driving. Schneider has an Indie Rock style that gives the inspiration to roll down the windows and cruise.

Brandi:  Ah, those days when all the windows are rolled down, the sky is that perfect shade of blue, and there isn’t a cloud in sight. Your best friend is hanging out the sunroof, the sun is reflecting off your dash, and you feel like it’s an excellent montage moment. You just need that perfect song, and Windows are Rolled Down by Amos Lee hits the nail on the head. The lyrics themselves may not be the most chipper in the world, but the song’s acoustics make for easy listening. Lee’s voice has that rustic kind of relaxing tone to complete your late afternoon cruise.


Brian:  Joe Esposito and his track You’re the Best Around make for such a great stereotypical workout song. The chorus consists of the words, “You’re the best around, nothing’s gonna ever keep you down.” Speaks for itself, doesn’t it? Esposito provides words of encouragement to get the body going.

Brandi:  Sure this song may sound like it was pulled straight off a Kids’ Bop CD, but it’s still hard not to get up and “move it like that” when it comes on. The Baha Men’s Move It Like This has a pace that’s quick and fun, and oh-so upbeat to get you gung-ho for your workout session.

Falling in Love

Brian:  T-Pain and Chris Brown’s single Best Love Song offers a modern way to confess one’s love to a special someone. It uses a combination of rock and hip-hop to convey how a man feels for a woman. The song contends that Pain and Brown’s way of saying “I love you” should be the biggest and best. Best Love Song can definitely be considered a great song to listen to when you’ve fallen head over heels.

Brandi:  Falling in love with someone is such a happy thing. It’s hard to be down in the dumps when you know someone cares for you. You’re delighted to see them, ecstatic when you have a chat, and it even just makes you smile just to think about them. With its upbeat tempo and harmonica, All I Want is You by Barry Louis Polisar portrays that feeling of love. Polisar really makes you believe he wants you to “take [him] by the hand and stand by [his] side.” The song and its darling lyrics could make even a hermit get that fuzzy feeling.


Brian:  Taylor Swift, the pop star of love songs, was a must for the breakup song list. Her song Mean tells the story of the most perfect, stereotypical bad break-up. Though written by a female artist, the song can still serve a purpose for both genders, depending on who initiated the separation. Why does this song fit the break-up mood so perfectly? Sometimes after a couple splits up, tensions are high and emotions run wild. Blasting songs to vent anger or sadness is an essential part of the process, and Swift’s Mean fits perfectly into the post-break-up puzzle.

Brandi:  So your boyfriend cheated on you? Your girlfriend left you in the dumps? For some reason, you still want to like that evil ex, but now you, and all your friends, have seen the true side of this used-to-be significant other, and now it’s time to end it all and forget. The rock sounds of Done With You by Papa Roach portray the anger of a breakup without being too hard on the ears. With the chorus repeating the message “I’m done with you,” and lyrics stating “I finally realize you’re tearing me apart” and “You’ve made my life completely miserable,” it’s a great choice in song to tune out all their fake apologies. For an equally angry break-up anthem, check out Plain White T’s Hate (I Really Don’t Like You) below.

Sport Pump-Up

Brian:  When it comes to getting psyched for a match, game, or race, student athletes have their favorite song or songs that get them focused and ready to go for the gold. Kanye West’s song Stronger defines the pump-up song. The central theme of the song, “That that don’t kill me can only make me stronger,” provides the words of encouragement an athlete needs to get the adrenaline flowing. Using the tune of Daft Punk’s Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger in his song, West creates an aura of swagger that gives the listener the mindset of a winner.

Brandi:  All I Do is Win by DJ Khaled has an unusual pump-up power. For some reason, when DJ Khaled sings “And every time I step up in this building, everybody’s hands go UP!” someone is sure to throw their extremities in the air.  It’s the kind of song that gets people into the occasion at hand, whether it’s a scrimmage, dance or wedding. There’s nothing better than going to that Friday night game with a great mood and a winning mentality.

Falling Asleep

Brian:  Music helps soothe the mind right before a night’s slumber, and So Long, So Long by Dashboard Confessional is the ideal song to drift away to. The majority of the song combines the light singing of lead singer Chris Carrabba with soothing piano. The combo creates a dreamy atmosphere that makes transitioning from conscious to unconscious much easier. The mp3 sample for So Long, So Long was not available online, but Dashboard Confessional’s Screaming Infidelities is an equally good tune to drift away to.

 Brandi:  With the combination of soft guitar chords and lead singer Justin Vernon’s easy voice, Bon Iver’s Skinny Love seems as though it should pick you up and rock you to sleep. Since the words are easy enough to hear, you won’t be up extra hours trying to decipher Vernon’s lyrics. The blend of calmness and effortless melody make for a great lullaby into any snooze.