Upperclassmen give time-tested advice to incoming freshmen

Upperclassmen give time-tested advice to incoming freshmen

Fairmont freshmen try to figure out schedules and learn their way around the building at freshman orientation in August 2011.

In many cases, a freshman enters high school constantly bombarded with horror stories of high school life from sources like television, parents and older siblings. Even if some of those turn out to be true, many upperclassmen are willing to stop in the hallway to help out and give advice to those who need it so that Fairmont High School will quickly feel like home to those unfamiliar with its halls.

Coming into school before the year even starts is a great way to learn a schedule and find the quickest route to every class, but other options exist if coming in wasn’t possible. “Never be afraid to ask for help,” said senior Monica Wagner. “Most upperclassmen are nice and always willing to help.” Wagner also suggests using the map in the planner provided by the school to easily locate rooms.

Senior Joe Barton also gives advice to help those new to Fairmont. “The easiest way to get through Fairmontis to avoid Central Unit. It makes it easier for you to get through and for others to get through as well,” said Barton. “Be confident all the time, too. If you see someone walking down the hallway towards you, keep walking. Don’t be afraid.”

Junior Caroline Grogan gives her own perspective on how to get through the hallways. “Use your height to get through the hallways,” said Grogan. “If you’re short, weave through the hallway. But if you’re big, don’t squish the small people.”

There are also ways other than the main hallways to get to class. “Use the courtyards as much as possible,” said junior Cameron Neiheisel. “It helps a ton.”

Teachers are helpful, too

The horror stories about high school aren’t all about the hallways. Many stories are told about the classes at Fairmont. While many classes sound hard, upperclassmen also offer their advice for getting through class with grades to make parents smile.

“If you need help in any class, ask the teacher,” said Wagner. “Many of them have flexible schedules and will make the time before or after school to help you. They can also help you find a tutor, if you need one.”

Grogan seconds the idea of asking a teacher for help and gives more advice. “Definitely try your hardest. You’ll regret it later if you slack off a year. You’ll only end up hurting your GPA,” she said.

Getting involved has advantages

Fairmont also offers many extracurricular activities that will help people do what they love and meet others who share their interest.

“Get really involved and have a lot of fun,” said Grogan. “High school goes by fast, and it’s even more fun if you meet other people and get involved.”

While there may be stories out there that send shivers down a spine, Fairmont is full of students who are always willing to help their peers.

“I think high school is what you make it, so try to get involved and stay positive,” said Wagner. “Enjoy it.”