Kettering launches Facebook page to aid communications

Kettering launches Facebook page to aid communications

Kari Basson checks the Kettering School District’s new Facebook page from her office.

Everyone knows Facebook is phenomenally popular, but teenagers aren’t the only ones using it. The Kettering School District launched its own Facebook page in July, and a recent visit to the page reveals the Kettering community is taking note.

“It really is a great new way to communicate with parents and students,” said Kari Basson, the district’s coordinator of Community Relations. “It’s allowed for more efficient ways of communication, rather than a whole bunch of emails and appointments.”

Basson says she monitors the Facebook page every three to four days and also does most of the posting. “I’ve had many conversations with people using Facebook,” she said. “People ask about open house, the first day of school and school supply lists.”

A spot check in September showed citizens asking questions ranging from when school calendars would be delivered to how a child can get involved in cheerleading. Others asked about how to sign up for Progress Book alerts or invited the community to attend the Football Boosters’ Pancake Breakfast on Labor Day.

Basson said the idea to bring Kettering City Schools into the new tech age of Facebook was a “team decision” between her and Toby Bodecker, a computer specialist for the district. “We had looked into how to create a Facebook page, and then made the decision to move forward with making it happen.”

Basson explained that the Facebook page has not created any problems. “We have, on our Facebook page, a section called Terms and Conditions, and it outlines the rules of what can be posted, and things like negative and derogatory posts will be taken down.”

Anyone with Internet access can view the district’s Facebook page, but visitors must log in to Facebook to post a message or question. A Facebook account may be created at no cost.

For more information, contact Basson at 499-1458 or [email protected].