Students reveal ups and downs about this big event

Students reveal ups and downs about this big event

Flowers are just one of the many things students have to think about when planning the perfect Homecoming date.

Homecoming is one of the dances that every high school student dreams about, from the fun and flirty dresses to the perfect dates, along with the beautiful decorations and the fabulous music. No two Homecoming experiences, however, are exactly alike. Some are picture perfect, and others … well, aren’t.

Fairmont’s 2011 Homecoming Dance will take place on Saturday, Sept. 17, from 8 to 11 p.m. in Trent Arena. The Homecoming Game against Fairbornwill be at Roush Stadium on Friday, Sept. 16, at 7 p.m.

What makes Homecoming special?

Ask high school students why they love Homecoming and you’re sure to get a lot of different answers. The Flyer did.

“My favorite thing about Homecoming is dancing and hanging out with friends all night,” said junior Brooke Swallows.

Woody Hieb, also a junior, agrees.  “It’s fun to get down and boogie!”

Some feel it’s important to create wonderful memories with classmates. “My favorite part is getting pictures taken with family and friends,” said senior Stacyie Phelps.

It’s important to be stylin’

For other students, Homecoming is more about the preparation that comes before-hand. “I love getting dressed up and doing my hair before the dance,” said junior Kristen Menke.

The most stressful part of Homecoming may just be shopping for the right dress.  “My perfect dress would be blue, sparkly and poufy,” said junior Ally Destout.

While some students’ main priority is style, others look for comfort.  “I need something I can dance and move around in that is comfortable and appropriate,” said Phelps.

Other students feel like you should stand out.  “I would wear bright colors,” said sophomore Dana Zechar.

Some students focus on accessories. “I would wear silver jewelry with my hair in curls,” Swallows said.

Of course, you can’t forget the shoes.  “My perfect outfit would be a solid red dress with my cowboy boots,” said junior Lauren Rose.

When it comes to fashion for guys, some boys feel it should be all about the girl. “I’d make sure to wear something that matches my date’s dress,” said Hieb.

Junior Chris Dillon would go with a more classical look such as “a button down shirt and a tie.”

And how do you get a date?

Everyone hopes for a perfect date for Homecoming and Fairmont students have gotten really creative in the past about how they’ve asked that special someone. “After soccer, I came home to a poster wrapped all the way around my room and the guy was waiting for me!” said junior Savannah Renshaw.

Some like to make it a public event. “My boyfriend bought me flowers and he asked me after his first varsity football game of his senior year. The whole football team watched!” said Rose.

Others like to make you work for it. “My sister’s boyfriend set up a calculator problem and had my sister solve it. It ended up saying ‘Homecoming?’” said Phelps.

Sometimes, girls have the courage to ask guys. “My friend put balloons in a guy’s locker with a note asking him,” Menke said.

However, it is very important to find someone with a great personality.  “I want a date who is fun and understanding,” said Hieb.

To some, it’s not about their date’s qualities, but their own qualities. “I am looking for someone who likes me for the way I am so I don’t have to pretend to be anybody else,” said junior Jessica Bertke.

Ahh … it was a perfect night (not)

While Homecoming is fun, you can’t expect everything to go perfectly. “I’ve fallen in front my date before!” junior Brittany Cushman said.

Many Fairmont students have had bad experiences at restaurants. “Once, I tripped a waiter carrying a salad by accident,” said Destout. “It flew everywhere!” It was made even worse by the waiter telling her she’d have to pay for the food. (She didn’t.)

Another incident happened to junior Tonnie Roberts. “We were at Norton’s and my friends and I were freestyle rapping around the table and we broke a plastic mustard bottle.” Unfortunately, the bottle was full. Enough said.

Some students even forget to make reservations. “We were going to go to BD’s Mongolian Grill, but we forgot to make reservations so we ended up going to Marion’s to eat pizza,” said Hieb.

Regardless of the preparation or the outcome, Homecoming can be a memorable experience. For most high school graduates, that memory will stay with them forever, so senior Hallie Hayden has some basic advice: “Make sure to go to Homecoming or you’ll miss out!”